Lauren of Every Last Detail Will Work Her Ass Off For You | Be Sure to Apply to be a V List Member!

Lauren of Every Last Detail Will Work Her Ass Off For You | Be Sure to Apply to be a V List Member!
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Lately I have been finding my new voice ... a voice that EDUCATES wedding professionals ... this is why The Editor's Touch was born ... some of my advice involves website redesign, some of it involves search engine optimization, some of if involves submitting to have your work published ... and lately I have realized that I really do have quite a strong opinion about WHERE you should throw your advertising money ... I think because I believe that if you are going to invest in advertising then you better f*cking get something out of it ... which brings me to chatting about Lauren of Every Last Detail ... and I'm telling you:

>> This Girl Will Work Her Ass Off For You!!!! <<

I thought that I had energy ... but no way: not compared to Lauren.  Lauren posts 5 times PER DAY across her own social media for her V List Members (what the lucky advertisers of ELD are called) ... she sends over 4,400 clicks (on average per month) to the websites of her V List Members ... she prioritizes SUBMISSIONS and styled shoots that she produces from her V List Members ... she asks her V List Members for quotes for her posts, thus showcasing their expertise to her large bridal following ... and MORE ... she is the sh*t ... which is why I tell all my clients they really need to get on ELD << like, yesterday.  Syed, did we not just talk about this today on the phone?   

A little hush hush that people probably didn't even know ... I worked for Lauren a while back to help with V List promotions ... I was floored by the extent that this project was organized ... I'm talking highlighters (more than 1 color!!), spreadsheets, special URLS for tracking, columns upon columns upon columns of the ELD history with each member, special hashtag ideas based on the area the member was from to make sure that the focus was correct during promotions ... it was NO JOKE ... this is not a small thing, it's her entire world ... that's love, people ... that's straight up passion.  

If I was a wedding professional I would RUN, not walk, directly into Lauren's inbox and sign up for a directory listing with Every Last Detail ... and I'd feel amazing about it.  Below a quote from Lauren:

I strongly believe that advertising is a personal relationship, which is why I want you to know that you will always personally deal with me. I too have an investment in those who invest in me. If you choose to work with Every Last Detail, please know that I am just as invested in your business as you are in mine and I will do everything I can to make your investment worthwhile!

LINK for more info about being a member of The V List >

On a personal note, I love this girl ... Lauren is sweet, thoughtful, organized, loyal, and brilliant ... she's my friend and she impresses me daily.  

XO~ Heather