Do You Hear Yourself Constantly Making Excuses to Potential Clients About the State of Your Website? Let's Chat.

A Well Designed Website Will Feel Like an Online Party | The Editor's Touch

So many of my clients tell me how much they hate their websites during our initial consultation ... they say they go online, click in and go: ICK, YUCK, GROSS ... that's not a good sign.  If you HATE your website how are you supposed to feel excited and passionate about your business?  How are you supposed to feel confident?  

Do you hear yourself saying this to your potential or paying clients a lot:  So sorry about our website, we are in the midst of a redesign << when you really aren't, but you are ashamed of the way it looks?  Or, do you hear yourself saying this: Our website doesn't really show how amazing our venue is ... you really need to see it in person to get a feel for how beautiful it is << and then your potential client gets less excited because it sounds like a line even if it's the truth?  Or what about: A lot of the work you are seeing isn't our current style ... we have so much more that you won't see online << if it's not there, how are they supposed to know you are telling the truth? 

Potential paying clients don't want to hear excuses that will bring down THEIR excitement ... they want to hear YOUR excitement.  YOUR passion.  YOUR confidence ... because if you don't have those things: how can they feel secure about their wedding day?  If you show any signs of 'not being prepared' for a POTENTIAL client ... how will they know you will 100% be prepared when they are a PAYING client?

I know, I know ... Heather, you talk way too much about websites on The Editor's Touch ... WE GET IT!!!  But, this is something entirely different IMO ... I feel like people believe that if they explain that they AGREE their website looks like sh*t to a potential client that makes it ok to have a sh*tty website ... it doesn't.  Here's an example:

I updated The Editor's Touch website last week ... before I kept making excuses about why I couldn't find time to update it and brand it how I wanted ... and now that it's updated and BEAUTIFUL I feel amazing!!  My confidence has soared ... I am even MORE excited than before ... and I have been creating the same excitement and attention my way ... and why!??  Because I am proud enough to share it, show it off, promote myself ... hence: clients.

It all works together, folks ... your excitement can and will be contagious ... be proud of your website ... make the investment ... because the ROI (return on investment) will be worth it.  I promise.

XO~ Heather