2017 Website Design Pricing and Package Options Released

The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer

Happy Tuesday!  I have been battling over what to do for The Editor's Touch in 2017 ... Heather, you realize it's April of 2016, right???  Yes, I do.  In fact, I'm a little bit freaked out right now over the fact that I am booking for 2017 website design projects.  Thoughts that go through my mind:

  • Nobody wants to wait that f*cking long for their new website.
  • Nobody wants to wait that f*cking long for their new website.
  • Nobody wants to wait that f*cking long for their new website.

There may be more reasons to freak out, but for now I think those 3 are what are really getting me scared ... but regardless, this is what we're looking at.  I have one last week left in 2016 that is open and then we are moving into January of 2017 bookings.

I've thought long and hard about what to offer people - because right now I basically offer the whole enchilada for the magical price of $3,800 (this doesn't count the super involved projects).  You get a lot without paying a lot and I wanted to keep my prices down because I know that this service is needed.  I believe everyone in the wedding industry deserves the opportunity to SHINE ONLINE and it should be somewhat affordable.  But, then I started getting clients who really took advantage of my time and didn't respect my process or what I bring to the table.  And so, I decided I needed to start putting a bigger value on that.  At the same time I want to make sure I do offer something that most wedding professionals and business owners can afford ... and so I landed on 3 package options for website design:


  • devise a website strategy that supports your company's goals
  • full layout of all pages of your website
  • filling and creating portfolios and galleries
  • contact page with submission form
  • social media buttons 


  • everything that the 'design only' package includes
  • create a strategy for the optimization of your website
  • optimization of every image uploaded to your website - including tricks for more 'click throughs' from Pinterest
  • optimization of every tab and page of the website to ensure 'search browser' indexing


  • everything that the 'design + optimization' package includes
  • includes a fully functioning and well-designed blog and 5 live and optimized blog posts upon the launch of the new website
  • includes an in depth 'teaching session' with me via Skype to learn all of my blogging tips and tricks in your new website

Each of these packages give my clients the opportunity to work within their budget and if they want to add on more later, we can.  I've had a lot of people tell me not to offer a 'design only' package, as it's my 'brain of a bride' that is such an asset when it comes to optimizing ... and I agree.  However, not everyone can afford it all up front - and so I do offer image optimization as an add on for later :)

I hope this will work for everyone!  Haha!!  ... I guess only time can tell ;)

XO~ Heather