25 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me ...

The Editor's Touch

Here are a few things you probably don't know about me:

  1. I have a really hard time playing a 'white card' in Cards Against Humanity unless it matches up grammatically to the 'black card'.
  2. I was adopted by my parents when I was 5 days old.
  3. If I order a blueberry scone at my favorite coffee spot I have to get 2 because sometimes they don't have enough berries in them.
  4. My younger brother is Korean and was adopted by our parents when he was 3 months old.
  5. My favorite red wine is Carnival Of Love by MollyDooker << but I rarely get it because it's very expensive.
  6. I was an outcast in high school and didn't fully blossom until my sophomore year of college.
  7. I majored in special education before I switched to being a journalism major.
  8. My creative brain comes up with the best ideas starting at 6:00 am and that is when I start work each day.
  9. My brain stops fully functioning around 3:30 pm each day and I'm pretty much useless after that.
  10. I care very deeply that I never fully act like a grown up and would consider my brain to be about 25 currently.
  11. I will try things a million different ways to succeed before I will throw in the towel and give up.
  12. I either have true friends or nothing - I suck at the whole 'acquaintance thing' with people.
  13. Small talk is my #1 enemy and that's probably why I don't do the 'acquaintance thing' very well.
  14. At each restaurant my husband and I frequent I have one thing that I always order and I am pretty loyal to that one thing each time.
  15. Date nights are very important to me and I try to schedule at least 2 per month with my husband, Clint.
  16. I never knew I was going to be a website designer until the day I was - and that day was a little over a year ago.
  17. I have designed over 50 Squarespace websites including my own.
  18. I hate and will always hate mushrooms
  19. I have never eaten a mushroom.  ^^ yes, I still hate them.
  20. I always think that a big plate of pasta sounds delicious while I am at the store, but then after it's cooked and ready to eat I can only stomach about 3 or 4 bites.
  21. I would be perfectly content with eating tacos for every meal.
  22. I decided to have a home birth with our son Grayson (who is almost 6 years old) and labored at home for 12 hours - then he got stuck and we ambulance'd to the hospital where he was born via c-section.  Those 12 hours are the proudest hours I have ever spent on this earth.
  23. My parents took my brother and I all over the world when we were growing up.  Some of my favorite places include: Japan, London, and Cancun.
  24. I can't wait until I get to live the experience of taking our kids to Disneyland for the first time!
  25. Until a few months ago I had a major fear of speaking in public - and now I can't wait to do it again!!

XO~ Heather