5 Blog Posts That Even YOU Can Write ... Yes, You!

5 Types of Blog Posts That Are Easy To Write | Keep Your Blog Updated With These Ideas | The Editor's Touch

There is a time with all my clients when we have to have the 'blogging' conversation .... some of my clients are excited about it and are eager students while I teach my perfected tips and tricks for their new, beautiful blog ... and some want to reach through the phone and strangle me ... blogging can be terrifying - especially if you don't fancy yourself a writer.  But I have good news!!!  There are at least 5 blog posts that I feel ANYONE can right.

>> 5 Easy Blog Post Ideas <<

If this blog post has just reminded you that you indeed have a blog sitting on your website then I'm guessing it hasn't been updated in quite some time ... so maybe one of these ideas will spark something in you that says:  I CAN DO THIS!!!  lol

  1. The Round Up Blog Post - I explained this is detail on The Editor's Touch blog - go ahead and ^^ click on the link.
  2. The Share My Most Recent Testimonial Post - Did you just get a killer testimonial from a client??  Blog it and share it with your readers!  Of course, you'll also add it to the 'testimonials page' of your website, but blogging it puts it in the spotlight for a minute ... and if you have photos from their wedding this is a great way to share a few more of those too!
  3. The We Just Got Featured Post - Were you recently featured??  Put that news on the blog and celebrate!  Even if you already posted the images from the shoot or wedding that was featured you should still brag about the feature with a screen shot of the blog or a photo of the magazine layout on your blog.  Share a few of the images that you didn't share in the original post and the link back (with a smart link!!) to the original post on your blog to increase your page views.
  4. The Here Is Our Favorite Cocktail Post - If you had special cocktails served at a wedding or shoot and you have GORGEOUS photos of it then I'd definitely blog it.  Now:  my rule for this is that the cocktail has to actually be from one of your events or shoots!!!  Don't just go on Google and search for 'pear margarita recipes' and steal an image and throw it on your blog ... that is a big no-no.  But, if you have cocktail images to share then put the recipe up and talk about how amazing serving a special cocktail at a wedding or event is!  A: you just put yourself in the expert seat by sharing a tip with your readers and B: you just shared a new way to consume alcohol with your readers ... everyone is going to LOVE you!
  5. The Follow Us Here Post - Got social media?? Then you've got yourself an easy to write blog post.  Simply put:  Do you follow us on Instagram yet??  Screenshot, screenshot, screenshot of your most recent or popular Instagram posts ... link to your feed ... voila!  A post is born and you may grow yourself some cool new friends on social media.

Blogging scares people because of the WRITING factor ... but srsly, just hit the 350 character goal and you are good to go!  While writing more is favored it certainly isn't necessary.  So go out, do, blog ... and you've just given Google something to index that reminds them that you are out there in the world and that your website matters to them :)

XO~ Heather

Psssst ... here is a blog post I wrote about blogging in Squarespace ... for those of you with a SS website and blog!