The Winner of the FREE Redesign is in YOUR Hands! Choose Wisely! The 5 Finalists Are ...

I am LOVING this contest ... and I love even more that the winner isn't picked by ME(!!!) ... but by YOU!  I had over 30 people enter this giveaway where the prize is a fully redesigned website by yours truly ... below are the 5 finalists ... there can only be one winner!  

I realize there are going to be a few naughty people out there ... but please only vote for one person ONE time ... let's make this fair, shall we??  

All In The Detail Design

I chose All In The Detail Design as a finalist because the homepage doesn't have a consistent theme or brand ... there seem to be two logos competing (the gold calligraphy on the left and the rose and the text on the right) and the images are pushed in a way that makes them look squished.  I know that this website could be so dreamy and beautiful because Amy's work is STUNNING!!  Want Amy to win??  VOTING IS CLOSED

Cody Floral Design

I chose Cody Floral Design because this homepage doesn't even come close to showing off what Laura creates ... it's also very dated with the color theme and it requires a second 'click' to actually enter the site which can be annoying and confusing for a potential client who just wants to dive in and be impressed. VOTING IS CLOSED

Mad Chicken Studio

I chose Mad Chicken Studio because this homepage is very cluttered and all over the place ... As a client I want to 'click' on one of these images to see more, but they aren't clickable so it gets confusing ... Jes has GORGEOUS work to show off and I'm not getting any of that here. VOTING IS CLOSED

Paper Villa Stationery

Paper Villa Stationery is another example of a homepage where I don't get that WOW feeling right away ... and I should because Erika creates works of pure art with paper ... as a potential client I want to see those pieces right away ... I want to feel an emotional connection to Erika's work ... the social media icons are also super tiny compared to the very large logo ... I could do a lot for this website and would be so excited to make it really amazing! VOTING IS CLOSED

Eclectic Fete

I chose Eclectic Fete as a finalist because I truly can't handle an all black website ... there is too much going on and I don't know where I'm supposed to go ... I would most likely click out unless I had already heard amazing things about Sharia and knew I wanted to contact her ... also the images are not reflective of current wedding or event styles.  I could do a lot here ... this transformation would be awe inspiring ... VOTING IS CLOSED

I want to wish every finalist the best of luck!!  I won't be voting, because I feel that is unfair ... so pass this around to the wedding pros you know that support you and want you to succeed!  I'm excited to announce the winner on Tuesday of next week!  VOTING CLOSES at NOON on TUESDAY JUNE 9th << each of these forms will be taken down then.

XO~ Heather