Wearing A Pair Of Jeans That Makes Your Ass Look Fantastic Creates Positive Energy

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A client who hired me to design a website for her last summer texted me last night and told me that a potential client reached out to her and specifically mentioned how much they loved her website and felt a connection and wanted to speak to her further.  My client went on to tell me that because of the amazing website she now had she was able to quit her second job and do what she loved FULL TIME ... srsly, this happened!!!  I was blown away and am so happy for my client.  

These are the things I believe can happen when a really amazing website and the reason is:  when you are confident in your company it creates a positive spinning energy and that energy can't be denied.  Yes, I am one of those people ... I believe in energy and forces.  I also believe that if you wear a pair of jeans that makes your ass look fantastic you will have a better day than if you wear jeans that make you feel frumpy.  Sorry, not sorry!!  Confidence is uplifting!  It's magic juice!  If you have a company and your website sucks and you don't even want people to go on there then that attitude affects EVERYTHING else that you do with your company.

Here are the questions you should keep in mind if you are feeling a business confidence dip:

  • Has your website gone over 3 years without being touched?
  • Are you getting clicks from your advertising outlets that rarely lead to hires?
  • Do you go to your website and immediately wish it looked different?
  • Are there new companies launching in your area that you fear will start to take business away from you?
  • Does your website break or work strangely on mobile devices?

This client who texted me last night is proof that a website can be the changing factor in a company - that just that extra 'something' online can transform your whole attitude and give you the energy to do things you never thought you'd do!  I know that is true for me!  When I launched The Editor's Touch my branding was YUCKY ... I would go on my website and shudder ... and then I rebranded and what happened after that was incredible!  Put on the good ass jeans today and see what happens ... my feeling is that you'll walk a little taller ;)

XO~ Heather

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