Website Launch Party For Ace Events!!!

When I first contacted Heather, I knew she had already delivered on some pretty amazing websites for other clients and I knew that given her expertise in the event/wedding business she would be super instrumental in helping to push my business to the level it needed to be at. I wanted a clean, modern, elegant, site that would help communicate the value of me and my business to potential clients, and she seriously blew my mind with the design she masterfully came up with for my business. I never would have been able to imagine the vibe and style she came up with, and I now feel so much more confident in having a website that I feel better represents the caliber of work and quality I can bring to the events I am a part of! ‘Thank you’ seriously doesn’t cover just how grateful I am to have found Heather and to have had the opportunity to benefit from her talent!
— Cynthia, Ace Events

Do you ever have projects that you freak out over!!??  That was my time working with Cynthia ... and when I say 'freak out over' I mean that in the best possible way ... Cynthia was a dream client because she basically handed me her materials and said:  DO YOUR THING.  Knowing that I could creatively 'play' with her website design was amazing and it allowed me to sketch freely without boundaries ... and what grew out of those sketches is something I absolutely LOVE.

The screenshot below is what Cynthia's website and logo looked like BEFORE she worked with me:

website that needs a redesign

Cynthia told me she loved color ... so color is what we did!  I 'hand sketched' an exclusive homepage design for her and then selected images that were full of color, fun, and catered to the target market client that Cynthia wanted to attract ... I love the use of diagonal energy throughout the page and the fonts ... it all creates such a great vibe!!!

Below is the homepage and the logo I designed for Ace Events:

Squarespace Website Designer For Wedding Industry Professionals | The Editor's Touch

And how adorbs is it on an ipad!!!  SO OBSESSED!!!!!!  Remember:  over HALF of your website traffic will come via a device!!!


All in all this was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!  I can't wait to hear from Cynthia how this website boosts her business for 2018!!

View the live website here:

XO~ Heather