Time For A Refresh ... If You Aren't Doing This Then DO IT NOW:

Wedding Chicks Inspiration Pages

I wrote a post in June about why advertising with the Wedding Chicks is awesome and I want to refresh it now ... because I've seen the numbers ... and they are there.  I launched an ad on WC for a client yesterday, posted to their Inspiration Pages (since all paying members are able to take advantage of this 3 times every day!!!) and then I just sat back and watched the traffic, shares, and pins GROW.  This tool is amazing.  There is no excuse to *not* do it ... Look above at that screenshot (which also happens to be my darling daughter, Hadley) .. I posted that 24 hours ago and it's been shared over 560 times ... talk about gorilla marketing!!!  Here is the post I wrote in June that talks about this more:

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