Affiliate Marketing | Support Your Favorite Wedding Blogs Without Buying An Ad!

Pay it forward with your favorite wedding blogs | Affiliate Marketing for Blogs

If you are a blog editor reading my blog you are most likely familiar with affiliate marketing or affiliate programs ... if you are a wedding pro, maybe you're curious about them :)  Either way, I'm gonna chat about these programs for a minute.

Now, I am NOT the expert when it comes to affiliate marketing ... if you are looking for a rad resource on affiliate marketing for wedding bloggers << visit that site!!  Lots of great tips and info ... written in a way that will keep your attention.

Ok, so full disclosure:  I am a member of RewardStyle and I use the links in this program to hopefully make a little cash from sales through my promotions.  I actually started a little blog on this site to share things I love and everything shared in that blog is a link to one of my affiliate program shops.  So, if you pop in and buy something ... THANK YOU!!  I can now buy a latte in a few months ;)

^^ funny, but not really ... affiliate marketing is not a sure thing and it certainly takes a LOT of work to gain momentum.  While some blogs can just post an affiliate link button on their blog and rake it in, that is not the norm ... for example, I joined RewardStyle in August of 2013 and over the course of almost 2 years I have earned a little over $500 ... 

You may recall when I wrote about blogs and how making money is not easy and suggested that maybe there should be a small fee to submit to them ... there were a lot of comments and messages that came my way ... it was a great discussion and I really enjoyed the different opinions and takes on this topic ... but it all comes back to: how can you support a blog who has featured your work if you don't plan to advertise online ... here's an idea!!  

>> If you are already planning to shop online, go to you favorite wedding blogs and click from one of the ads on their site <<

This is a GREAT way to 'thank' your favorite online blogs and pay it forward ... and from personal experience:  each time I see a sale come through on RewardStyle and I earn like $5 << I have a happy dance party in my head ... it really is a thrill to see a sale come in ;)  You could be the person who puts a big smile on your favorite blog editor's face :)  The great news is that you don't have to buy the item you clicked from ... so if you saw my blog post about cute maxi dresses for Spring and Summer and you didn't jive with any, but you clicked on one of the links and then ended up buying a pair of shoes online from Nordstrom, BOOM(!!) I just made a small percentage of that sale :)  Kinda fun :)

If this post didn't convince you to click from a blog before you online shop, that's ok ... if anything, maybe you will be less annoyed by pop up ads on blogs and sidebar displays that have absolutely NOTHING to do with weddings ... blog editors have to try and earn an income too ;)  It's the only way they can stick around and keep sharing all the delicious wedding details you create!

XO~ Heather