Website Launch Party!! Website Art Created With Food Art For AD Catering & Events!

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It was such a pleasure working with Heather - she has an AMAZING eye for design and was able to translate my work so well into this beautiful website! Thank you!
— Alexandra Dettori, AD Catering and Events

I'm not someone who will 'push' to be hired ... I get excited about potential clients and I will express my excitement, but my 'sales attitude' is really low key because I believe that everything happens for a reason .... if someone wants to hire me based on my portfolio and personality - they will - and if they don't - it wasn't meant to be ... that has always been my attitude ... UNTIL:  I had a call with Alexandra of Alexandra Dettori Catering and Events, a New York City catering company ... 

When she and I spoke I immediately saw a vision for what I would do for her company online ... it just hit me ... I saw something and was inspired by a thought and I wanted to design it right then and there ... I won't say I was 'pushy' but I made it very clear that she should hire me and why ... and thank goodness she did, because it made it possible for me to design this scrolling homepage for Alexandra:

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... and what is shown above the fold on a desktop ...


... and beautiful on any mobile device ...

Alexandra, I absolutely enjoyed every single second of designing for you!!!  I can't wait to see how this new website explodes your company and its success even more!!!

See the live and launched website here:

XO~ Heather