Wedding Company Website Redesign | Already Booking For November!

Heather Sharpe | The Editor's Touch

I have been so blessed since launching The Editor's Touch ... the support I have received and the excitement behind what I am doing ... well ... I never expected this!!  THANK YOU!!!  I really do love The Editor's Touch and can't wait to see what will happen next!  I have so much to look forward to as we approach the end of 2015 (can you believe we are almost done with this year!?): about 20 website redesigns, 3 produced photo shoots, an eBook layout project, and lots of consultation hours scheduled for SEO tips, social media advice, and more!  Oh, and not to mention: blogging, blogging, blogging!  Basically everything I love wrapped into five amazing months ... BUT:

>> If you were hoping to hire me to redesign your website ... the time is now <<

I have almost completely booked out November for website redesigns ... I take roughly 6-8 per month on average.  If you were already considering chatting with me to see what I can offer you, then we may want to chat soon ... because as new couples get engaged and start planning their wedding my hope for YOU would be that you have a brand new site to show them!  The results my clients have had with their new sites is CRAZY ... like, amazingly CRAZY ... 

>> Payment plan, please!! <<

I am a girl who LOVES me a payment plan .... so I offer that same courtesy to my clients!  I have a 3 payment plan set up for all my website redesign clients ... a retainer to get on my growing calendar, a payment halfway through, and then final payment on the day the site goes live.  This plan allows you to pull back later if you need to ... and is flexible.  The only payment that is necessary for me to take you as a client is the 'booking retainer' ... after that, you can play at your own pace.

Interested in setting up a chat with me to see what I could do for you and to hear about my pricing?  Contact me!

XO~ Heather