A Press Page Is For Bragging - An About Page Is For Connecting

Use Your Press Page On Your Website To Brag and Your About Page To Make A Connection | The Editor's Touch

There is a huge difference between showing a page filled with badges visually and telling someone about all your achievements.  We, as a people, tend to accept 'badges of honor' when we see it and are less able to accept someone listing off everything they have done in their life or in their career vocally.  Is that strange???  Maybe!  But, either way that is what we, as a community, have decided is that way it should be.

On your website you should have:


This page should be VISUALLY IMPRESSIVE.  If your visitor is unable to read they should still be WOWED and in 'less than 5 seconds' be able to SEE that you kick ass!!!

^^ here is a great example of one I designed for Unveiled Hawaii.  If you get a badge - ANY BADGE!!!!! - display it proudly on your website.  

** tip >> don't link your badges from your press page ... be selfish with any traffic that comes your way and only 'link out' to a feature from your blog posts which 'hopefully' get buried on your website.  If you send visitors to wedding blogs and online magazines they may get distracted by other professionals and pretty features and leave your website altogether! Badges have one job:  TO IMPRESS!!!  Once they are done doing that hopefully that visitor moves ahead to your CONTACT US page ;)



Your 'about us' page should not be bragg-y ... it is there to make a CONNECTION with your visitor.  If someone visits your 'about' page they mean business!!  They are not just there to browse 'the pretty' and head home ... they CARE about you enough to find out more and this is a great sign!!!  You need to be genuine, sincere, and talk 'enough' about yourself so you have substance but 'not so much' that you bore them to tears.  It's a fine line to walk!

An About Page On Your Website Should Make A Connection With Your Visitor | The Editor's Touch

^^ here is a GREAT example of a perfect 'about us' page that I designed for Pirouette Paper Company.  A beautiful, PROFESSIONALLY CLICKED photo of Kaylyn and her sweet dog Grayson, a short but sweet 'about her' blurb(s) ... and then MOVING ON!  This page can be helpful for your SEO so it's good to throw in a few 'key' words, but mostly you should sound like a decent human being who truly loves what you do.

** tip >> don't leave people at a dead end on any page of your website.  If you have a page that scrolls down so far that you lose the top navigation and you don't have a 'bottom navigation' give them a place to go once they are done reading about you.  However, I don't know that I suggest writing 3-page-scroll novels on your about page ;)  wink, wink

XO~ Heather

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