All Wedding Planners Do Is Throw Random Wedding Vendors Together To Produce A Wedding ... oh, wait ... that can't be right ...

What Do Wedding Planners Really Do | The Editor's Touch

My alarm went off and I grabbed for my phone in the dark ... obviously the first thing I do every morning is browse my FB feed.  There were the usual Trump 'slam' posts that made me giggle and then I ran across another article that made me stop:  another wedding planner app has been announced ... and then I read a quote that made me realize what is wrong with the wedding industry.

IMO the wedding industry is made up of 4 levels ... there are the small businesses that plan the weddings, design the flowers, create the invitations, own the venues ... etc.  There are the publications that show off all the amazing things that these business owners create and get brides to hear about on a larger level ... there are, of course, the brides and grooms (the consumers) who pay the wedding vendors for their services ... and then there are the f*ckers who never even lived the wedding industry 'life' and just want a piece of the gigantic money pie.  And these f*ckers don't play nice.  They aren't here to make friends or grow relationships.  Otherwise the stuff they say would never be said ... like the following quote I read this morning:

“A wedding planner costs, on average, $3,500 starting, for a full-blown one,” which is why only 16% of brides hire one today. Plus, one of biggest reasons couples hire a wedding planner in the first place is vendor recommendations. “That’s really what you’re paying for early on when you’re hiring a wedding planner,” she adds.

There is an app that will now BE a wedding planner so that brides don't have to waste their money to hire a real person.  Because really all wedding planners do at the beginning is close their eyes and randomly choose vendors for the bride.  And the money that the bride and groom paid them when they hired them was *just* for this 'picking of the vendors' part ... then the wedding planner gets to sit on his or her ass and just live the high life while the bride and groom are left alone for MONTHS until the wedding day when the wedding planner decides to grace the couple with her presence and 'do' whatever it is that wedding planners do.

^^ really!???  Because that is what this quote says to me.  It's offensive and the wedding industry is sharing that article around the web like crazy.  And guess what:  that was the original plan behind this article to begin with.  YOU are doing their dirty work.  YOU are helping share their new app ... and while you may be sharing it because you're pissed it doesn't even matter ... because some of the people seeing this article in your feed are signing up because they are hoping to gain clients from this nonsense or they are brides and grooms who want to try it out.  

Do wedding planners just throw vendors together for the retainer to hire them??? F*ck no!!!  Your relationships and knowledge on which wedding vendors work well together and which florist has worked at the bride's venue before and why the cake designer shouldn't work with their florist because they hate each other is what makes YOU great.  An app can't do that.  An app doesn't know who makes a great team.

This article slams what you do ... but it's going to get shared thousands of times on FB this week because that is what the PR person behind that quote knew would happen ... are you going to let that be the case? 

XO~ Heather