Are You A Big F*cking Deal On Instagram?? If So, You May Want To Read This:

Instgram Algorithm Favors and Watches Your Activity

In a day and age where I can tell an app to 'auto like' certain hashtags on Instagram to appear active, have my Instagram post go to my Facebook feed which then goes to my Twitter feed, and have my email auto respond to new messages for me - the feeling of 'doing things yourself' can often be forgotten and even assumed as unimportant.  We are busy.  We love the idea of having an app 'do these things' for us so that we have more time to do the things that keep us successful.  Connection has been redefined as 'connecting' via the most followers on social media and making sure your following keeps on growing.  If you have 10,000 IG followers, then you want 15,000 - if you have 50,000 followers you want 100,000 - and the wanting just keeps on going.  I have been stuck in the 8,000's for what feels like an eternity and hitting that 10,000 follower mark would be AMAZING.  See, we all do this.  

If you are a big f*cking deal on Instagram - and IMO this means you have more than 10,000 followers - then you are probably getting a lot of 'likes' and a lot of 'comments' - people love your photos and they comment.  But how often do you comment back?  Are you taking all the love, but not dishing much out?  The new Instagram algorithm says 'boooooooo' to that.  If you want the new algorithm to 'work' for you then it's a good idea to start being 'actually active' and commenting back to your 'commenters' - and why wouldn't you??

Heather, like you said:  I'm busy.  Yes, we are busy - but if Instagram has been getting you paying customers then the best way to remind them that you exist NOW is to comment!!  Ping them with your love and they will be more likely to come see what you're up to.  If someone writes on your IG post that they 'loooooove that bouquet (heart-eye emoji, heart-eye emoji)' then does it really take that much time out of your day to comment back??  And maybe you wait and comment back the next day so that you remind them that: A: you care enough to respond and B: hey, I'm here come check out what I posted today!

Nordstrom comments back to EVERY tweet they get - EVERY SINGLE TWEET!!!  Can you imagine how many they probably get??  A few months ago I tweeted a photo of my daughter Hadley holding a Nordy's balloon to them and they gifted me with a $100 gift certificate to shop with!  THAT is customer service - that reminds me that they are there (not that I needed reminding - oof!!) and they are grateful for your support.  

Think about how you feel if someone you feel is a celebrity gives you attention back.  For me that is similar to when I met (and was able to TOUCH!!!) Samuel Lippke ... UHM, hello amazing.  I was at a lunch with Samuel who to me is like celebrity status - I have been a fan for years and like I said: YUMMY!!!!  He was receptive, we chatted, he took the time to walk outside with me for a photo - he didn't act like a big f*cking deal - and for me that made him an even bigger f*cking deal.  This goes a long way with people.

Meeting someone I have seriously loved for YEARS today!!! Thee #samuellippke

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'Likes' aren't getting enough attention as a 'ping' anymore on Instagram - honestly.  If you want to capture the attention of someone and gain more followers and attract the attention of the new IG algorithm then you need to start commenting.  Create connections!  You'll see that it will work and you will feel empowered.

XO~ Heather