My Name Is NO, My Sign is NO, My Number is NO - Are You Saying 'Nah to the ah to the, no, no, no!' To More Instagram Followers??

Instagram For Business

Last night I was scrolling through Instagram on an Uber ride into downtown Seattle and I realized how attracted I was to Instagram pages that were branded well.  In fact, I became quite proud of myself and what I've been able to achieve on my own IG feed:

It got me questioning 'private IG accounts' and why people have them ... especially if you are a business owner.  Instagram is one of the biggest things I hear from potential and inquiring clients ... omg, I stalk your IG feed and had to find out more - or - I have been following you on Instagram and I love your work - or - I found you on Instagram and I would love to work together ... Instagram is an amazing business tool when used correctly!  If you are reading this right now and realize:  OMG, I have a private IG account!!  Turn that sh*t off now and share your Instagram feed to the world ;)

Below is a refresh of some of the posts I have shared on The Editor's Touch about my current favorite social media plug:

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XO~ Heather

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