Do You Have Employees Who Will Be Seeing Your Clients? If So, Be Careful About Doing This:


If you are a business owner who has employees or interns that work with you and are also around your clients and co-vendors << other business owners who you work events and weddings with - then it's important that you avoid this:


Attitudes are like viruses ... people can catch them without even realizing it until they are showing symptoms ... meaning, if you walk around the office talking mad sh*t about a florist or wedding photographer and then your employees are around them at the event - they may (without even realizing it) be super rude to them!  In their minds they are being loyal to YOU - their boss - and even if they aren't trying to be rude on purpose, if they hear nonstop negativity from you, the person they look up to and admire, then it's only natural that it will come out of them.

Venting as a business owner is absolutely necessary and while it may be hard to keep everything in check until you are around non-employees, it's really wise to hold it in ... your employees are the face of your company too, but it's not their baby like it is yours ... while you maybe be venting for health (as we all do in life) it could do some serious damage to your reputation.  Another thing to consider??  If that employee or intern ends their time working for you and starts working for your competitors or someone else in the same industry, they may not keep their mouth shut ...

The wedding industry is small even though it feels massive ... each local community is pretty tight and each step you can take towards protecting what you built with your own two hands, the better.

XO~ Heather

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