OMG She Did Not Just Say That! | Dealing With Life As A Business Owner

I am going to bare my soul in this post ... yeah. Get ready.  Being a small business owner is HARD ... and while I don't know your story, I would love to tell mine ... and it ain't pretty.

I launched Style Unveiled as a wedding blog for planning brides in October of 2008.  I was excited and ready to rock!!  Blogging is easy, right???  Not so much.  I quickly learned how hard it really is and the victim in a *start up blogging business* was a home that my husband and I bought ... bye-bye house .... not ours anymore.  No problem, I said!  We'll scrape ourselves off the floor and it will all work out ... then, about 3 years later we found out that was NOT all ... the portion of the mortgage that wasn't paid off by the auction of our house was still out there and they were going to come after us for it.

........... ugh.

My husband and I had a choice:  pay off the rest of something we no longer even own or file for bankruptcy and start fresh ... become partners who deal with a crisis and swallow the pill.  We swallowed.  I'm still swallowing.  Over and done, right??

Haha!! NO, it's not!  Turns out that now there is questioning surrounding what sort of asset Style Unveiled could *really* be and it looks like it will be claimed as an asset in our bankruptcy ... the state wants to take it all and sell it to somebody .. even though at the court hearing I was VERY upfront about running a blog and what I did for a living.  You think that you're doing the right thing and you realize that you should have done it better.  So, pretty soon when you go to my old blog url you will see an entirely new company running it.  Sucks, hah?  That is an even HARDER pill to swallow ... watching 8 years of your life being auctioned to the highest bidder ... I could cry buckets right now.  But that's ok .... it's going to be ok.  I will do what I do each and every time life throws a curve ball ... swing at it the very best that I can.

Heather, why are you telling us this??

I don't know ... maybe because I'm having a really shitty time right now ... maybe because I want other small business owners to know that things aren't always what they seem ... maybe because it's not a secret .... maybe because I'm finally deciding not to be ashamed.  

This post has absolutely NOTHING to do with advice ... or how to turn your website into something search engines will love ... or what to do with those amazing featured badges.  But I want those who are listening, those who watch this blog to know: if you have something going on while you are trying to bring your small business to an AWESOME level and you are feeling down: you are not alone.  This coming from {GASP} the editor of

XO~ Heather