Where I Love Getting My Fonts and Graphics From ...

The Best Fonts and Graphics for Designers | The Editor's Touch

On social media these days you are competing hard for the attention to your post, your Pin, the IG click of your latest lunch choice ... so what I love to do is create a graphic with some sort of 'call to attention' about what I'm all about in that moment ... when I blogged for Style Unveiled I made sure to have an image with some sort of text to create a graphic that made people more likely to pay attention to ME and what I wanted to share.

Since launching The Editor's Touch in May-ish I have been even more obsessed with fonts and graphics because in a lot of cases I am designing new buttons, logos, and backgrounds for my clients and their websites.  My go-to spot to download and purchase everything is Creative Market.

Below is a sneak peek at some of the graphics you can download from their website ... I'm majorly crushing on the hand painted stripes ... so many ideas come to mind for using these!!

How darling are these watercolor digital clip art graphics ... 

Creative Market has FONTS galore ... every type you could imagine!  Here is a peek at their script fonts ... and there are way more that these 9 I shared below ;)

I have been purchasing my fonts and graphics from Creative Market since May and last week I was invited to be a part of their affiliate program!  If you are a font lover and are thinking about purchasing some from Creative Market I'd be so thankful if you did so from this link!  TIA!!

XO~ Heather