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As a business owner and a mom of two young children, I have zero time to do much else other than plan my clients weddings and hope to make it to the dinner table a couple nights a week. I had all of these amazing images of all of my hard work, but was completely overwhelmed by the thought of sorting through them all and designing a new website that would reflect not only my style, but also be able to attract my ideal client!
Immediately upon speaking with Heather, of The Editor’s Touch, I felt myself taking a huge sigh of relief. I gave her hardly any direction, other than I wanted it edgy, colorful, and completely outside the box ... and she nailed it!
Heather’s creativity, organization, can-do attitude, positivity, and willingness to try anything is what allowed my website to be what it is. She helped me sort out my crazy jumbled visions in my head and helped make it become a polished, organized, and colorful reality.
I have quickly learned as I get older, that our time is precious. If you are not good at doing certain things and don’t have the time, delegate it to the professionals. It’s absolutely worth it.
Thank you Heather. Thank you for helping take the anxiety and mad clutter out of brain and off my desk and turn it into a beautiful piece of art that represents all that I am and is allowing my business growth to be showcased so perfectly. My phone has been ringing off the hook!
Love you girl!
— Jessica, Bijoux Events

Working with Jessica of Bijoux Events is insanely fun ... she's a powerful force of awesome and every step of the way you're either laughing your ass off or amazed by her strength and of course, her killer events and weddings.  All of ^^ that ... the stuff that makes up Jessica ... wasn't something that came off in the website she had before she hired me.

Here is the website that Bijoux Events had before I got my hands all over it:

website that needs to be redesigned

Now, in most cases when working with my clients, I get some examples of websites they LUST AFTER so that I am led in the right direction ... I didn't get that with Jessica ;)  In fact, when I so kindly asked for examples, she said NOPE!  There's nothing I love online right now!  And so, I had to dive into what I knew about Jessica and her incredible company Bijoux Events and design completely blind ... and let me tell you????  What was born is her all the way.

Below is a screenshot of the homepage design I created for Bijoux Events: | Bijoux Events | Squarespace Website Designer for Wedding Professionals

One of the important components that Jessica wanted in her website were 'BE' phrases ... BE FIERCE, BE BOLD, BE SIGNIFICANT, etc ... I created panels that shifted on her homepage representing these different phrases with images from her events and weddings.  I love how it turned out!

When I sat down to design her portfolio page I wanted to play a little bit and make it pop with personality ... I created thumbnails with sideways phrases to keep it playful and then represented the photographer credit on these graphics as well ... shown below: | Bijoux Events | Squarespace Website Designer for Wedding Professionals

I have ZERO doubt that this website will attract the exact target market that Bijoux Events wants to grab the attention of.  I want to live here ... to never leave!

Be sure to check out the live website here >>

XO~ Heather