My Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Website Design Deal | The Editor's Touch

If my clients will tell you anything it's that their websites help create success for them.  Now, that path to success looks different for ALL OF THEM ... some of my clients already had a buttload of traffic but a high bounce rate ... so once we redesigned their website that traffic stayed and all their hard work before working with me to create traffic paid off!  Some of my clients didn't have any traffic at all because Google hated them ... but after I optimized and redesigned their website with a fresh UEO strategy the Google Gods smiled and traffic appeared and sent them clients!  HOORAY!!  For all of my clients I will say that the confidence boost they got with a beautiful new website empowered them to go out there and kick some major ass ... whip out their good ass jeans and show the world what they had goin' on!!  A website that you are PROUD OF is worth oodles and oodles and is super worth the investment.  Which brings me to .....


I'm offering 2 options starting NOW (Happy Thanksgiving!!):

  1. 20% off my website design + optimization package which is the most popular web design package that I offer.  The discount is applied to the last payment - this package is broken up into a payment plan of 3 payments:  retainer to get on my calendar and then the final balance is broken up after that.  
  2. 10% off my mini website design package which is great for a company who is just starting out!  The discount is applied to the final payment - this package is broken up into 2 payments.  You can read more about that package here.
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This deal ends on Tuesday end of day!  Want to see some of my launched projects??  CLICK HERE.  Want to work together and take advantage of this deal?

XO~ Heather

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