Let's Blog! What Should You Be Doing With Your Wedding Company Blog?

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Some of you may not know this, but I am constantly blogging for my wedding professional clients ... using skills I perfected during the 8 years I was the editor for Style Unveiled, of course ;)  It's so much fun for me and what I love most is that every blog post that goes live is a TOOL that wedding pro can use to their advantage!

>> How a Blog Post Helps Your Company <<

There are so many ways a single blog post can boost awareness to your company and what you're all about!  Let's list them:

  1. Indexing for Google ... that blog post will start to be noticed by Google and other search engines and you will begin noticing that attention roughly 6 months after your blog post goes live ... of course, if you have blogged about something that has never been blogged before you'll notice the attention much sooner :)  TIP: if you are onto something hot and new: DON'T WAIT TO BLOG IT!!  Make it priority so that you beat everyone else to the punch!
  2. Pinterest Yummies ... your blog posts should be filled with gorgeous images that Pinterest will love!  Pinterest is becoming its own search engine and brides are on it(!!) ... so as you upload images you should definitely try to stick to mostly vertical images and make sure you alt and image text code them with good search words that you feel brides would use to find YOU!
  3. Making You Look Awesome ... well, duh!!  Every blog post you share includes not only images of your work, but text that is filled with your knowledge, expertise, and personality!  When a potential client is browsing your blog they *should* be impressed and feel an emotional connection to you and your work!  Thus: making them want to contact you and hire you for their event or wedding.
  4. Facebook Rights ... if you create your blog post correctly you will have a link that has an attention grabbing title and an attention grabbing thumbnail that FB will pull! The Editor's Touch gets 35% of its traffic from FB ... a close 2nd to 'direct traffic' which is 37% ... FB is a huge tool, especially if you share your blog links to your personal page too ;)  Don't be shy!!  Show off what you know how to do!
  5. Tagging and Categorizing ... you want to be sure you are using tags and categories in your blog posts ... I wrote an article about how to best use tags and categories which I just shared in << that link ... it's a great post to learn more about search engine optimizing the sh*t out of your company blog ... give it a read!
  6. Your Own SEO ... SEO = Search Engine Optimization ... If you're blogging smart you can use each of your posts to 'back link' to another blog post or photo gallery or landing page within your own website ... just make sure you link the actual 'search phrase' and not: click here or view here or see here ... 

So what should each blog post include?  Here is a rough take on what I do for my clients in their blog posts:

  1. Create an attention grabbing title
  2. Change the url to be something different that Google or other search engines will like - nothing cutesy
  3. Upload an image in the top of the blog post 
  4. Add the text under the top image - making sure that the blurb has 300 characters or MORE
  5. Add 5 - 15 images under the text portion
  6. Go to EACH image and alt and image text it with searchable words that will not only be indexed on Google but work well for Pinterest too
  7. Add an individual FB code with thumbnail image that will grab attention to people browsing the main feed
  8. List credits under the very bottom image of the post - making sure every link opens into a NEW WINDOW - you don't want to lose people from your site(!)
  9. Add tags and categories that will work for that particular post - venues, city, colors, etc
  10. Try to link to at least one other page on the website with search heavy text

Below is a screen grab of me blogging for a wedding coordinator who specializes in Oahu wedding planning ... I always try to mostly blog vertical images (these get the most repins on Pinterest) 

Wedding Professional Business Consulting | Best Blogging Practices | The Editor's Touch

When you blog on your company blog you should treat it like a publication ... here is a checklist I shared on what do with with your published work and you can use this for your own blog posts too!

XO~ Heather