Blue Gardenia Events In New Orleans Has A Gorgeous New Website! | Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch
Heather is a five-star creative guru, with the technical know-how to elevate your website & your business!
I have long been a fan of Heather’s work … and, when it was for a website re-design I knew absolutely who I would turn to. And, Heather really knocked it out of the park! From the first moment I emailed her – to my many long emails asking questions – she was beyond patient with me, she listened to me, and followed through on every last detail. And, the result is a beautiful, stunning website that represents my brand, that is properly curated, and that is smooth as silk…transitioning from image to image. Heather truly has a beautiful editor’s eye for design and the technical know-how to filter that skill-set through the complexities and ever-changing landscape of the internet. And, for her talents and her editor’s touch, I am forever grateful! Thank you Heather!!
— Belinda Belk

When Belinda reached out to me about her website, for her New Orleans wedding planning firm, I was in love after one email!  This girl ... how do I put it ... she's like what it feels to drink champagne ... sweet, bubbly, sophisticated ... and leaves you feeling amazing after each experience.  It's NO WONDER this girl and Blue Gardenia Events are killin' it down in New Orleans ... all that was missing was a website she LOVED!

Below is a screenshot of the Squarespace layout Blue Gardenia Events had before I got my hands on it:

website that needs a redesign

Belinda's work ... her events, her weddings, her styled shoots ... they are PURE PERFECTION!!  My hardest job???  What images to use!! When they are all good, it can make things very hard for this former wedding blog editor ... haha ... but, it happened ... and beautifully, I might add.

Below is a screenshot of the scrolling homepage I designed for Blue Gardenia: | Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch

There was not a single thing left out of the portfolio I designed ... I couldn't not show it all, because it's all worthy of showing!  Every gallery is optimized to the fullest and it will be fun to watch the organic reach and growth increase over the next few months! | Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch

All in all??  A success story!!  I love what has happened online for Blue Gardenia Events ... it was an honor to design this website for Belinda and her team!

View the live website here:

XO~ Heather