Hard Decision, But Necessary: I Can Only Accept 4 More Website Design Projects in 2015

Website Design by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

I have been SO blessed lately!!  I am SO excited!!  I am SO booked!  OMG, my calendar is booked solid ... so I have made a hard decision to cut off the year of 2015 for any ongoing website design projects ... I will only be accepting 4 more.  With kids, and a husband, and life, and everything that comes during the holidays I just have to be smart here and not get too crazy with projects.

In the few short months that The Editor's Touch has been open I have been lucky enough to design and launch 2 wedding coordinator websites, a venue website, a florist website, and a wedding cake designer's site.  Going forward I have been hired to design 29 websites that include the following focuses:

  • 2 florist sites
  • 11 wedding coordinator sites
  • 4 photography websites
  • 1 officiant website
  • 1 linen rental website
  • 1 invitation designer site
  • 1 umbrella retailer website
  • 1 vintage rentals website
  • 1 beauty specialist website
  • 1 wedding venue website
  • 1 fitness and nutrition focused website
  • 1 catering website
  • 1 national wedding content blog/website
  • 2 wedding cake designer websites

My clients are from ALL OVER!!  Even in different countries ;)  It's awesome but I am BOOKED ... really really booked ;)  This doesn't even include the eBook I have been hired to layout or the consultation hours I have been scheduled for or the PR for an amazing wedding convention coming up or the conference I have to prepare to speak at in September ... So I really do have to say NO MORE for 2015.

If you want to be one of the four I will still take in 2015 you can contact me here and we'll chat!

XO~ Heather