Booking Website Design Projects for August Now and Can't Afford The Full Package? I've Got Something Else Too ...

Squarespace Website Designer | Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

First, if you were already considering getting on my calendar I want to tell you that I am now booking for August ... just a little friendly heads up!

Also, I feel like it's important to explain that while website design and optimizing combined is what most people hire me for, I do also offer a *just design* package ... which means I design an entire website for you and then teach you how to add more galleries, optimize images and pages, and change and upload new images and add text.  I call it my starter website design kit and it's really great for people who don't have a budget to support a full website overhaul and are excited about diving into their websites to do some of the work themselves.

The 'starter kit' is currently priced at $1800 and includes page layout and design, 1 filled gallery, 1 blog post set up as a sample, and 2 one hour teaching sessions via Skype to introduce you to your new Squarespace website and teach you all my tricks and answer any and all questions ;)

Contact me to find out more!

XO~ Heather

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