Let's Meet: Molly and Rebecca of Brand Camp

Brand Camp Retreat | Workshops for Business Owners Who Want To Take it to the next level | Entrepreneur Workshops

I absolutely LOVE the two ladies I’m about to introduce … and I love what they are doing for entrepreneurial women and how empowering their business:


is!!! Please meet: Molly and Rebecca of Brand Camp!!!!

Brand Camp is for freelancers, solopreneurs, coaches, small business owners, lifestyle brands and others on a mission to uplevel their brand and business. It’s for those that want the power of an intimate setting (limited to 12 attendees), the chance to mastermind with experts and the support of a creative community of collaborators.

I am SUPER excited over the fact that I will be redesigning the Brand Camp website in the coming weeks … we also may or may not (evil laugh to follow) have a giveaway we’re planning together … in the meantime, you can learn a lot from these two … so I’m going to let them take it from here!

Brand Camp Retreat | Workshops for Business Owners Who Want To Take it to the next level | Entrepreneur Workshops

If you had to choose to give one of these up: social media or business relationships - which one would you keep and why?

Oh boy!!! This is tough, because both of us really love the "pretty" that social media can bring. In the end, I think we'd have stick with business relationships though. We both LOVE people and interacting with them - it lights us up! We also think that human interaction and connection will surpass cyber-friendships all day long. That is why we host our one-day workshops and three-day retreats -- they essentially fuel us until the next one!

Brand Camp Retreat | Workshops for Business Owners Who Want To Take it to the next level | Entrepreneur Workshops

What do you feel was the most important choice you made during your first year of launching this business?

Understanding that we are doing this because of our love for female entrepreneurs and the effort to lift women up in business. We truly believe in the idea of collaboration and working with others so that we all can do better -- be better. We are fortunate to be in an era of young women entrepreneurs who are coming out of the gates with guts and glory, yet we are also in a time where women of all ages, especially older generations, are stepping back into their power and rediscovering our purpose. It's exciting to see both of these waves happen simultaneously!

Have you been affected by the most recent Instagram algorithm updates? In what way?

Social media is one big game, we have to remember that. I think we're all affected in one way or another. Especially if you are trying to grow, staying on top of the algorithm and "rules" can be exhausting. The thing we practice, and preach, most is following your own analytics (not someone else's) and representing YOU on IG. It's important to be seen. Whether you're a service based company or behind the scenes, people want to know who they are working with.

Brand Camp Retreat | Workshops for Business Owners Who Want To Take it to the next level | Entrepreneur Workshops

What tools do you believe a business owner has to constantly stay on top of to be successful?

Nurturing relationships and networking is HUGE!!! That is usually on the top of our list when thinking about where we are investing our time and money. That can come in all different forms from attending conferences to sending gifts to referral sources, etc. Every touch point with a client or colleague matters and is important. 
The next big thing would be a consistent marketing plan. How are you consistently, and cohesively, showing up to your market? This encompasses social media, promotions, advertising, and outsourcing so that your content can be seamless -- because let's face it, we can't do it all ourselves.

What is your biggest worry or frustration as a business owner right now and what motivates you to push through anyway?

Our biggest frustration is currently being able to put out the content we have fast enough and staying organized. Living/working in different cities, its important that we are aligned and stay on task. This has been a big focus for us in the latter of 2018. We continue to push through because of our deeply rooted belief that the value we offer to our fellow entrepreneurs is beneficial to us all. We know that when it all comes together, we can make adjustments as we go. As Rebecca would say, done beats perfect. And over time, we can perfect the elements that need some shine and continue to offer amazing content and value.

Why did you choose your focus in your industry? What made you fall in love with your field?

We saw a movement of women supporting women, and we knew we wanted to be a part of it. As recovering workshop junkies, we were often left feeling unfulfilled. We'd either be really inspired without an action plan, or we would be overwhelmed with strategy and nothing to get us excited. That is why we decided to create our own retreat, that has since then stemmed into one-day focused workshops and a developing course and community. As entrepreneurs, we are fortunate that we both bring different things to the table in this partnership. Rebecca is a business maven and will strategize until her eyes pop out. She also has an innate way to tap into her creative side where she is relatable and makes things exciting. Molly is an artist who was lucky enough to make a business around her passion. As a photographer, she fuels her artistic nature through creating for clients. Additionally, she uses her creative problem solving to approach business differently than Rebecca. Which is why masterminding with the two of us is a real treat!!!

Brand Camp Retreat | Workshops for Business Owners Who Want To Take it to the next level | Entrepreneur Workshops

What's your trick to staying important to potential clients?

I'm not sure we have a trick just yet, we just saw the immense value in working together with other women. What is great is there is no shelf-life for that. We collaborate with ladies who are at all levels of business, those who are just starting out, those who are turning their side-hustle into their main gig, and those who have been running successful businesses for years but need a fresh approach. Each stage is fun in it's own way, and we get equally excited about working with women at every step. I think once our attendees work with us, and experience our "crazy", the referrals speak for themselves and word of mouth sends us new clients!

Have you or do you work with a PR company to help promote you? Do you feel that is an important thing for small business owners to do?

We have worked with various PR companies at different stages in growth. Both in our individual businesses and for Brand Camp. When launching a business retreat like ours, its great to get some press right away. PR is also extremely valuable with upcoming workshops or retreats in generating interest and sales. At our retreats, we also share how to self-promote and establish yourself as an expert by getting published. It's a great way to build another layer of trust with your current and potential clients.

Tell me about your 2 biggest achievements as a business owner over the life of your company - and what makes those 2 stand out?

While we have a number of individual achievements in our businesses over the past decade, we'll keep this focused on Brand Camp. Since we are still in our toddler phase being less than 2 years old, we would have to say that creating, planning, and implementing 3 retreats in 3 different cities within 12months was a massive accomplishment. This all while we continue to run our successful individual businesses. It's so easy to start things, but it can be difficult to finish and see ideas through, especially when they cost money. We're so proud that we fueled this passion project over the past year and made it an equal priority. The other big accomplishment cannot be measured by sales or analytics, but it is the community that we've created. Bringing women of all ages together from all over the country has been such a joy. It delights us to see the collaboration and friendships (and sometimes partnerships) form. That in of itself might be the most validating part of this whole journey -- connecting like-minded women who want to see each other succeed.

How did you narrow down your target market and do such a good job in attracting that specific type of client?

We created our avatars. That's something we help our attendees do at our retreats as well. Once you have created, named, and truly identified the market that you would like to ideally attract, it's much easier to find them, both online and off.