Let's Meet Brian of Elevated Pulse Productions

Brian of Elevated Pulse Productions | The Editor's Touch

One of the first people I "met" when I first launched Style Unveiled in 2008 was Brian of Elevated Pulse Productions.  Back in the days of Style Unveiled I loved working on collaboration blog posts with Brian ... he was always personable, easy to work with ... if you asked him if he could do something not only would he reply pretty quickly, but he usually said yes ... and here's the best thing about Brian ... he's blowing up today ... he's one of the most sought after DJ and lighting companies in Southern California (and kickin' it on the east coast too now!) and 9+ years later he is still someone I feel completely comfortable approaching.  He stayed humble through all the success stories his company has had and that is HUGE.

One of the highlights of my career was when Brian hired me to design his website ... I literally had to stop and go: OMG, is this happening!?  I know I sound like a total dork, but being hired to design for someone who I "grew" Style Unveiled with ... and now am growing The Editor's Touch with ... well, it's a surreal moment!  I asked Brian to participate in my new 'Let's Meet' series on this blog because not only is he someone who DID IT(!!!) ... who is a major success story ... but I respect and love the WAY HE DID IT ... hard work ... relationship building ... and noticing something that was missing in our industry and kicking ass to fill the gap.

Below is my interview with Brian:

What do you feel was the most important choice you made during your first year of launching this business?

Experienced, masterful beat mixing DJs that also were poised and professional Emcees simply didn’t exist in the wedding world when I launched Elevated Pulse. The prospect of working for or owning a ‘factory DJ’ company was never going to align with my personal vision of what a luxury DJ service would look like. Deciding to build a boutique brand was critical to providing clients with high-touch service I knew was missing from the entertainment market.

Elevated Pulse Productions

What tools do you believe a business owner has to constantly stay on top of to be successful?

Project management and production tools have been the keys to my success for sure. Streamlining our processes and making our event preparation more efficient has enabled our team to provide unparalleled service to clients throughout the planning process and on their wedding day. Through trial and error we found cloud based platforms that worked for us across teams communicate better, especially when working on 2 coasts. One of our favorites for project management is Asana.

Why did you choose your focus in your industry? What made you fall in love with your field?

Music runs strong in my veins - and the draw to unique sounds and mixes truly consumed me by the young age of 10 when I saw a DJ perform at a party for my sister. I was hooked on his ability to get people excited and moving on the dance floor. By the age of 14, I had convinced my parents to invest in a mixer that quickly became just one of the many pieces of equipment I collected and used to teach myself. One year later I was DJ-ing all of my own high school dances. A few years later doing nightclubs, and then I decided to merge my professional DJ career and my nightclub DJ skills to form Elevated Pulse Productions. Being a part of a client’s wedding day and helping to create a memorable celebration for their guests is truly what fuels our work. 

This industry also allows me to meet people from so many walks of life - a rewarding experience that only adds to the passion for this craft. My instincts tell me this was absolutely what I was born to do.

What's your trick to staying important to potential clients?

We take a very active role in the planning phase with our clients - working with them to create a completely tailored plan for their wedding day based on their unique style and musical taste. But our commitment to our clients stretches far beyond the last dance. We utilize our blog and social media to share curated playlists which are a big hit (especially when people are planning their own personal celebrations at home). Reflecting on our favorite moments from past events through Instagram is also a way we are able to reconnect with past clients - we are always thinking of them and what made their wedding so special.

Tell me about your 2 biggest achievements as a business owner over the life of your company - and what makes those 2 stand out?

First, being able to expand Elevated Pulse Productions has been a blessing - this November, we opened a new location in Boston and are excited to bring our luxury DJ service to couples throughout New England. Having a strong bi-coastal presence means we can continue to grow our team and to collaborate with vendors around the country, which gets us really excited. Second, we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, both vendor partners and our clients (seriously our clients are the best!). I have always been a huge New England Patriots fan, with childhood roots as I spent most of my childhood in NH. We recently booked a wedding of a former player from the team, which is a dream. Having admired him as a player for many years, the opportunity to work with him is so surreal.

Brian, thank you SO MUCH for participating in this interview!!  Such amazing and important advice for any entrepreneur to learn from!

XO~ Heather