The 'I Love to Hate You but Really I Hate You' Dance with Business Facebook Pages

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I feel like I have to say this in a W H I S P E R ... let's talk about business Facebook pages for a minute.  Still with me??  If anyone had a business Facebook page when they decided to pull the plug and change their algorithm, then you know about the 'Love to Hate You but Really I Hate You' business Facebook page dance we all get suckered into doing ... and while I don't have all the answers (who does!?), I'd love to be able to shed some light on what I have personally learned by watching the FB page statistics and analytics for the Style Unveiled FB page I ran and was devoted to for almost 8 years.  And when Facebook decides to pull a fast one and change their *fancy pants* algorithm again << everything said in this post can sit on the bench while we wait for the next dance to begin ;)

Posting Photos

When it comes to posting photos, here is what myself and a group of fabulous wedding blog editors have determined ... more images equals more eyes ... post images in groups of 3 or 4 at once ... Why??  Who f-ing knows ... it's FB and their hidden laws say so, according to our research ... now, I always liked to take that one step further and also LINK each of the images inside each post ... so, for instance: you write your cutesy little blurb: look at these gorgeous flowers that I created for Sam and Nancy's Las Vegas wedding tag someone, tag someone, tag someone and LINK to your website ... then, you upload 3 images and hit PUBLISH or post or whatever FB tells you to do ... then, what I do is open each of the 3 images in that particular FB post and go to the 'edit description' part and once more: blurb, LINK, tag someone, tag someone, etc ... so that each image brings along with it the information that leads that person to your website or blog.  Is it a pain in the ass??  Yeah!  But it gets the job done ... because what happens if someone really loves one of the images and shares just that image?  Your information and link will go right along with it :)

Commenting and Liking as Your Page

I know it probably goes without saying, but commenting and liking images AS YOUR PAGE is always a good idea :)  But, this is not a random act ... there needs to be purpose behind it.  As a wedding professional, commenting on a New York City photographer's page when you are a Portland, Oregon florist in most cases won't be of much service to your company ... Seek out pages that are directly related to what you do, where you are from, and what your target market is.  So, using the Portland OR wedding florist as an example ... make sure you are commenting and being involved with the Portland Bride & Groom Magazine FB page << where Portland OR brides will probably frequent!!  Also be sure and comment and play with any other LOCAL wedding pros in your area ... it's perfect for networking but BEWARE:  there is a fine line between networking / commenting where appropriate and FB stalking << don't be a stalker ;)

Sharing Posts that Share Your Message

Playing nice in the sandbox that is Facebook puts you in their good graces ... so share with your friends :)  While you are commenting on the appropriate pages and liking away (whilst NOT stalking) and you come across something you are just DYING over ... share it!  Share it with your fans and be sure and comment and TAG the original page that posted it.  The more active you are on FB the more FB thinks: you rock!!  Again, we don't know why ... this is just 8 years of research being shared with you ;)

Stuff Everyone Knows??

By now, if you are a seasoned wedding pro, you may be saying to yourself: Heather, these tips are really lame ... everyone knows this stuff ... but let's remember everyone starts SOMEWHERE ... take for instance ME ... I am starting out as a baby in the consulting and social media marketing side of things, wanting to take The Editor's Touch to the next level and get hired by people to do what I do well!  But it's a learning curve!  So, while these FB page tips may seem lame-o to some, a company just starting out may feel like they are just what they needed to be motivated and tackle the BIG DANCE with Facebook.

XO~ Heather