Buy an 8 Year Old URL and a Facebook Page that has 38,000 Likes | Style Unveiled is Being Auctioned Off | Come and Get it!

Style Unveiled is For Sale

Today is a fabulous day ... if you read my post about how Style Unveiled was seized in a bankruptcy then you already know: it's for sale ;)  What you may not know is that the trustee is now looking for buyers ... that buyer could be YOU! :)

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I'm not seeing a dime of the money ... So, what do I have invested in finding a buyer for my 8 years of hard work??  Maybe I don't want the WRONG buyer to get my work.  I want someone who loves blogging or who already owns a wedding blog that they want to GROW even more to get it ... so, who wants it??

Now, the trustee isn't legally allowed to sell my content ... 8 years worth of content that Google loves ... but for the right buyer, I'd be willing to sell it privately  <<  and that choice is mine alone to make.

>> Here is what the trustee IS selling <<

  • the URL - which currently hosts a daily traffic of around 2,700 and a monthly page view number of 200,000+
  • the Facebook page associated with Style Unveiled which has almost 38,000 likers

>> Some ideas if you already run a wedding blog <<

  • forward the url to your already existing domain and enjoy a little boost in your traffic - meanwhile getting rid of the competition of another wedding blog out there in the world
  • transfer the FB likers to your already established business FB page and increase your visibility on Facebook

Basically: help me get my work into the RIGHT hands and keep the memory of my work alive.  Interested in knowing more about price and all that sh*t??  CLICK HERE.

XO~ Heather

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