Calligraphy Katrina Website Launch Party!

Website Design For Calligraphy Katrina | Squarespace Web Designer

When Katrina reached out to me for her website I was SUPER excited ... I could watch her calligraphy videos over and over and over ... and to be chosen to create an online space that reflected that talent???  Well, career dreams coming true right there!

Below is the website that Katrina had BEFORE she hired me:

website that needs updating

Katrina needed a website that attracted both corporate and wedding day clients ... it needed to make sense, work beautifully on a mobile device (because she has such a high number of Instagram followers, a lot of her traffic is from a phone!), and include information in a well organized way so that potential clients could see all the options and understand the services Calligraphy Katrina provides.  We also added a shop filled with items that can be purchased with a click of a button!

I love how the website works on a tablet ...

Website Design For Calligraphy Katrina | Squarespace Web Designer

All in all I can already see via analytics that this website will be a huge success and a great stepping stone to launch Calligraphy Katrina even further into being a calligraphy rockstar!

View the live and launched website here:

XO~ Heather