Guardate il sito meraviglioso che ho disegnato! Congratulations to Cindy Salgado Events and Design!

Website Design By Heather Sharpe | The Editor's Touch | Cindy Salgado Events and Design

Hello!!!!!!!  I am so excited right now ... The Editor's Touch has gone international!  I just launched a wedding website in Italy!  Cindy Salgado designs and plans weddings in Italy and when she chose me to design her website I was beyond touched.

Cindy is the sweetest and most genuine person you'll ever meet.  Her smile lights up my entire day each time we Skype and she is super easy to work with and to talk to.  Below is a screenshot of the website she had before she hired me:

Website that needs a redesign

When I sat down to map out my strategy for what would be best for Cindy's new website I knew I wanted to build a website that made the visitor feel like they were in Italy.  I wanted Italy to jump off the screen and pull the visitor in ... to grab at their heart and make them want to work with Cindy and to be married in Italy.  I believe that the website I designed does that.  I know that I now want to remarry Clint in Italy!!

Cindy sent me the following testimonial and I wanted to share it here:


I can’t describe how grateful I’m to Heather! Finally I feel released!

I’d been troubling since 2009 with my website because there was always something that didn’t go with what I had in mind and I had to decide between “looking pretty” or “getting found” by the engines results, and in the wedding industry you just can’t decide, you have to have it all, otherwise you’re out!

Your website is your image and your first approach to the clients, and it has to do the hard work for you, so this is why it’s so important to do it with a REAL professional that not only knows what brides adore, but also optimize everything so it gets in front of them showing the beauty.  

I’m really amazed by Heather’s professionalism and great taste. She will make you look over the top. She went above and beyond of my expectations and fulfilled all of my requests… with a blink of an eye!

Her creativity and strategy made all the difference. Ultimately, I was overwhelmed with how everything came together and I just have to say that I’m so in love with my new website! Thank you with all my heart

If you’re troubling as well with your website.. you totally have to contact Heather, you can be sure that you are in the best hands

Forever grateful, Cindy Salgado

Cindy, I am SO happy for you!!!  I can't wait to celebrate in person when I come to Italy with my family one day!!

View the live website here:

XO~ Heather