Cloe Noel Designs Website Launch and Rebrand (By The Amazing Pirouette Paper Company)!!!

I have been dreaming of a new website for about 2 years. I always knew I needed to update with better SEO and a website where brides could see my designs in a better format. When I came across The Editor’s Touch last year via Instagram and saw the amazing designs Heather was creating - that were so gorgeous - I knew she was the one for me. I emailed Heather that minute and then decided to take the leap and it did not matter to me I had to wait 6 months for my website week. That week came and it was so easy and exciting to work with Heather - she came up with a concept I LOVED and made Cloe Noel Designs so dreamy and romantic showcasing my designs in beautiful galleries so brides could see my designs. She also took the extra time and put me in contact with Kaylyn at Pirouette Paper Company who redid my branding logo which I LOVE!!! I am so lucky to have found Heather and if you are thinking about having your dream website re done give Heather a quick email!! She makes it so easy!!! Thank you Heather for making a dream come true for me!!!
— Kim, Cloe Noel Designs

I never every take for granted the amazing people I get to work with on a daily basis.  When projects come together and I feel awesome at the end of it, I know it was a match made in heaven ... and that's how I feel about this website launching for Cloe Noel Designs - a company that designs vintage inspired bridal accessories that are to die for!!.  Working with Kim couldn't have been more pleasurable ... she is sweet, on top of it, quick to reply, easy to discuss ideas with ... and more than that!!??  She's extremely talented and knows what it takes to GET THE JOB DONE!!!!

Below is a screenshot of the website and branding that Kim had before working with me:

website that needs to be redesigned

Now, before I could completely DIVE IN and start designing a website for Kim and her stunning bridal accessories, I had to have a little chat with her about her logo ... that chat led to hiring Kaylyn of Pirouette Paper Company to COMPLETELY REBRAND her ... and the turnout????  INCREDIBLE.

We used Kaylyn's beautiful calligraphy throughout the entire website ... and I just loooooove how it came together ... take a peek below at the scrolling homepage I designed for Kim that has call to action 'buttons' leading to her shop at every turn:

Of course, my screenshot doesn't do it justice ... you have to go see the LIVE website that launched this morning to really take it in ... and you can do that here >>

Kim, I can't wait to see how this website and rebrand changes things for your business!!

XO~ Heather