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OMG how do I even start writing this post!!  When Heidi and Karissa of Coastside Couture reached out to me about redesigning their website I could have actually fainted.  It was a dream come true to capture the attention of these rockstar wedding planners and I knew I could design a dream website for them!

The old website that Coastside Couture had is shown with a few screenshots below:

Before I dived into their website design project I mapped out a strategy that supported the goals of their company.  One of the biggest goals was to showcase all of the areas they specialized in and I wanted to make sure those specific areas were front and center on every page of the website.  As always, my main focus with all of my clients is getting them page views and making sure if someone clicks in they don't bounce out.  I feel strongly that the website I have designed for Coastside Couture supports these goals.  I love the flow, the look, the appeal, the way their blog is structured ... I love all of it.  Below is a screenshot of their homepage:

The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer

Below is a screenshot of their scrolling blog ... this page continues with posts and brides can just keep getting buried in wedding goodness that this amazing company has planned and designed!  Soooo in love with it!!

Website Design by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch | Coastside Couture

The Coastside Couture ladies sent me the below testimonial:

"We have loved working with Heather on the new design for Coastside Couture's website. She was truly able to capture the clean, modern, image laden design we were hoping for so beautifully. Heather was very receptive to our design ideas while steering us through the complicated coding and flow needed for the site to be so user friendly. This whole process was pretty pain free, informative and we are thrilled with the results. We can't wait to see the reception the new site receives."

Congrats on your new website, Coastside Couture!!!  I hope this is a place you will be proud to show off and invite potential and current clients to!


XO~ Heather