Is Your Company In Need of a Rebrand? How Will You Know?

Does Your Business Need a Rebrand? | The Editor's Touch

Rebranding.  Scary, right??  It's expensive, you don't know how people will take it, you feel your business is known by the logo you've had for the last 5 years ... will the new brand make it impossible for people to know it's still you???  Rebranding is scary sh*t.

Some people who run a company know it's time to rebrand when they literally can't stand the sight of their own website.  They have pushed it to the limits and are desperate for a change.  They hate their logo, their colors, sometimes even their business name!  Typically these are my clients who started their business over 10 years ago and haven't changed a single thing since ... in those cases: Yes. It's time for a rebrand.

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Sometimes you aren't sure if you need a rebrand ... you aren't in love with your brand but all your friends and industry relationships love your look - it's what they've always known you for!  Your logo is how people describe you: You gotta check out Mandy's company - hers is the bright orange logo with a giant 'M' - you can't miss it ... in these cases I tell my clients that a giant orange 'M' isn't a good reason to be remembered ... and while rebranding can be scary, it's YOU who is making people talk about you - not your logo.

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If you had 3 amazing years of business and it has started to decline it's probably time to rebrand ... you need to keep up with the changing times!  We are in the technology age ... social media rules all ... brides and clients are 'in' with what is the current trend and they are going to be drawn to companies who have it together.  With all the information just a 'click' away you have LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS to keep someone interested in your online shenanigans:  5 seconds.  And actually, 5 seconds is being generous ... it's more like less than 2.  If you don't have a mobile optimized website or at least an Instagram account you won't hold onto potential clients for long ... and that's a terrifying thought.

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Rebranding is scary, but it's exciting too ... 95% of my clients have embraced the rebrand after we've talked ... I've been in this business for over 12 years now and I am really great at what I do.  It's a process ... baby steps ... and then: BOOM(!!!) the new brand and new website are live and people are LOVING it!!!  People don't know what they are going to love until it's in their face ... ever noticed that??  You love what you're used to because: it's there ... you can see it!  People are visual - especially in this industry where everything is about details and the pretty - so while people may tell you: Oh, I really love your GIANT orange 'M' - don't change a thing!! - they won't know until you show them the NEW YOU.

I am a total 'brand snob' ... it's really great for my clients.  Here is a story I love about one of my clients and their rebrand ... Kim was terrified to rebrand ... it was NOT going to happen she said to me - but LOOK at how gorgeous it turned out!!  One of my favorite projects to date :)

Thinking it's time to rebrand your company??  Let's chat!

XO~ Heather

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