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I can't believe it's May already ... for my scheduling calendar, that is.  I am scheduling projects for MAY right now and I have 4 of the 5 weeks left.  Bad news???  Maybe ... most of my clients actually don't mind the wait and feel it totally sneaks up on them!!  Here is how they use that time leading up to their week with me:

  1. SAVING MONEY:  I offer a payment plan for all of my clients and only retain a portion of the full amount to get on my schedule.  This allows my clients to feel confident in knowing they have secured their week and then it gives them 5 months or so to earn and put away the rest of their investment with me.
  2. REBRANDING:  A lot of my clients want to rebrand at the same time they redo their website - which is super smart!!!  They use the time leading up to their design week to work with a graphic designer on their logo and brand elements so that it's ready to go when we work together.  Rebranding shouldn't be rushed ... so taking the time to get it right is a great idea.
  3. IMAGE GATHERING:  A lot of my clients need time to gather images or to ask photographers for photos.  I ask for images in high res format, so if my clients don't have the right size or resolution they can use this time to get all their materials together for me.
  4. CREATING A STRONGER PORTFOLIO:  Some of my clients come to me and aren't really happy with their portfolio.  A lot of them use the time leading up to their week to produce styled shoots that showcase their BEST WORK with really amazing photographers.  Then, we use those images on their new website. | The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer

If at the end of the day waiting until May isn't in the cards??  Check out my 'mini website design' package and get a new website in January instead! Haha!!

XO~ Heather

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