When It Comes to Your Company Website: Less is MORE | Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

When It Comes to Your Company Website: Less is MORE | Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

I received this amazing review last week from Michelle Garibay:

The Editor's Touch strikes again!!! Just finished a Skype with an international bride and her words: "I was sold by the clean and easy to navigate site with great photos!" One of the BEST investments for my business was hiring Heather!

It's not the first time I have heard this from a client ... which makes me SO happy ... my main goal with starting The Editor's Touch is to give control to wedding professionals with their online face ... to give them something to use as a tool to gain more clients.  A lot of times I hear from a client: shouldn't we add THIS(?), don't we need THIS(?), can we please include THIS(?) ... and I need to remind them: less is MORE ... simplify your website to be CLEAN and TO THE POINT ... give them enough to instantly love what you do and see you as a professional and an expert ... enough to make them want to contact you and from there you can close the sale!  

Bells and whistles can sometimes be the thing that RUINS an online experience for a client.  Do you ever go to a site and instantly get a headache?  You click in and are so confused as to where you should go you just end up leaving?  Clutter is the death of most website visits ... too many buttons to choose from, too many navigation bar choices, too many flashy banners ... this leaves a visitor confused and because there are so many competitors out there, they will just keep clicking into new websites until they feel cozy and welcome.

One of the best things I bring to the table is my SUPER SNOBBY TASTE and HIGH STANDARDS ... wedding professionals who hire me are looking for CLIENTS ... and a lot of times they are looking for HIGH END clients ... When I started Style Unveiled my goal was to bring in a high end readership ... I accomplished that goal with my image selection, the types of weddings I showcased, my branding, and my style ... it's just who I naturally am ... and so when I design websites from wedding pros, my natural instincts towards being attracted to that type of website kick in and there is no fighting it.  

Keep in mind: when you are worried that you aren't getting clients through your website and you have a high bounce rate and your natural reaction is to ADD, ADD, ADD to your website that is sorta the same as having a baby to save a marriage ... it rarely works ;)  Don't ADD, ADD, ADD: simplify, organize, and make your website CLEAN and MANAGEABLE. 

XO~ Heather