Toss The Sparkly Confetti!!!!!! It's Website Launch Party Time For Confetti Skies!

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I’ve followed The Editor’s Touch on Instagram for a while and kept seeing all of these beautiful websites being launched. I finally contacted Heather to talk about my website. When I first started my company, I liked the flashy site. After a few years, I started to feel like my site was a little over the top. I loved the clean looks Heather put together and that all of the sites she built were different. When I chatted with Heather about my brand, she totally got what I was going for. When she sent me my site concept, I totally fell in love with it and her design surpassed my expectations by a long shot! I would highly recommend Heather to anyone looking to give their site a face lift or total makeover! She’s the best!!
— Aimee, Confetti Skies

A few months ago Aimee hired me through a special I offered to Southern California Bride Blog members ... and today we are announcing her website launch!!!!  I loved working with Aimee ... her business name alone hosts one of my favorite things in the world:  CONFETTI ... so naturally, I was already passionate and inspired to design an incredible website for her.  

Below is the website and logo that Confetti Skies had BEFORE working with me:


When Aimee first came to me a 'logo design' wasn't what we were thinking would be happening ... but once I started gaining momentum on a website design and loving what was happening, I suggested that we make a few tweaks to her logo.  I chose a font that mirrored the one she had, but was a bit more current and we adjusted a few other things as well ... same concept, different feel.  Logos and brands are such a HUGE part of how a website feels ... I wanted to make sure that her investment with me went the distance and nothing was holding it back from creating success for her company.  So, I designed a new logo for her and sent it over ... obviously she loved it because:

Below is the homepage I designed for Confetti Skies:

Website Design for Confetti Skies | The Editor's Touch

When it came to her portfolio page I wanted to do something a little different ... so I cut out text from a white overlay and created exclusive thumbnails for her portfolio page that click into the full galleries ... I am pretty obsessed with how it turned out:

Squarespace Website Designer For Wedding Professionals | The Editor's Touch

All in all???  This transformation was not only HUGE - but it was BEAUTIFUL!!  It's funky, it has personality, it jives well with her brand and her events ... I love it ... what do you think?

Check out the live launched website here:

XO~ Heather