Copper Willow Paper Studio Picked Me To Design Their Website!! I Am Excited To Announce That It's Live!

Copper Willow Paper Studio Website Design by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

I have known Jill of Copper Willow Paper Studio for over 8 years ... I have published her work, promoted her as an advertiser on Style Unveiled, worked with her on an endless number of editorial shoots, been asked to speak at a workshop she hosted, and now I have another ribbon to pin to our amazing shelf together:  the redesign of the Copper Willow Paper Studio website - which launched today :)

This project was very important to me - when you've worked with someone for so long the last thing you want to do is let them down.  I thought long and hard about the strategy I wanted to apply to their new website .. it had to be clean, clear, not too wedding-y - but enough to get brides emotionally connected right away ... it had to flow well and keep the traffic 'clicks' going so that people got just enough information to contact them so that CWPS could close the deal and give the excellent customer service that they are known for.

Jill and Leora hired me to design them a website in a week - and we did :)  Below is a screenshot of the website they had when they hired me: 

And here is a link to the website I designed for them:

One of my favorite pages is their wedding stationery look book landing page .... this page scrolls and scrolls and each button unlocks the full suite:

I am SO happy with how this website turned out and can't wait to see how their audience reacts to it!  I was thrilled to receive this testimonial from Jill this morning after we officially hit 'GO' on their new website:

"We've been in business 10 years this year and this was the first time we have trusted someone to touch our site, completely without guidance and with full trust in the end result.  Not only was the process easy, but she is fast and damn does she know what she's doing!  I can say we gave little to no direction and the finished result is easy to navigate and clean, but classic and sophisticated. I would highly recommend Heather for a face lift on your site, especially if you're in the wedding industry.  She has years of experience in blogging and working with wedding professionals that gives her an inside track on what sells and what will sell your business.  This is of course, not to mention all of the coding, seo, etc (all stuff i don't know how to do!), that makes the site searchable, pinnable yumminess.  So go book her.  She's busy and filling fast, and rightfully so!"

Go see the live, new, fresh Copper Willow website and let me know what you think!

XO~ Heather