Dear, Everyone ... What Are We Doing?

Feeling Tension as a Business Owner

I have never had a more upsetting few weeks than the ones I am currently in.  There's a cloud over everything I do and everything I want to do ... I feel it with my clients, I feel it at the grocery store, I feel it with my husband ... and it's being passed along to my kids ...


I made a vow when I started this blog to ALWAYS be honest with you.  The good, the bad, the ugly ... well, folks ... this is the ugly.

I have been yelled at, accused of sucking and being a 'disappointment in general' to more clients in the last few weeks then in the entire 2 years of The Editor's Touch.  There is something, a gloom, hanging over everyone that is creating tension which is leading to being easily annoyed, being easily angry, being easily scared and overall being anxious - even when we don't know why.  


I understand that business is business ... keep it separate ... we are people when we're allowed to be people and we are business owners when we need to be business owners ... but GET REAL!!!  We are people ALL THE TIME.  I don't separate those!  I am a person who is a business owner ... and right now, we as people (no matter what side you are on!!!!!) are going through some real sh*t.

The stress that is wafting over the world right now is contagious and in all the wrong ways.  Even when we tell ourselves:


It feels less awesome ... It feels forced ... doesn't it??  Or maybe I'm just crazy??  What can we do?  How can we, as business owners, erase the fears and the stress and the anger we are feeling to kick ass like we did before?  Is it that easy to separate it all and just put our heads down and DO IT?

Heather, put your big girl pants on ... this is life ... you have to go to work and you have to get it done ... quit complaining!!!  <<< YES!!!!!  Absolutely ... I get it ... but this stress is real ... I feel like everyone I know has a constant headache or is getting a viral illness they can't shake ... or they have an edge to them that makes them get angrier than they usually would about things they wouldn't normally be angry about ... it's hard to work like that ... to work in an environment like that.  If my clients are on edge and I'm on edge ... even if we go through the steps of 'let's do it and get it done' - there is still that cloud of:  walking on eggshells ...

Do you feel it?

XO~ Heather

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