Do You Do The Double Click? Be Where The Traffic Is - Not Where It Isn't

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When I ran Style Unveiled from 2008 - 2015 I could pretty much depend on the "usual" - people would come to my blog and that was about it!  Haha!!!  These days it's so much more complicated than that!  People are all about the oooh's and the ahhh's of EYE-CANDY - they want to see the pretty!!  They want to 'heart' the EYE-CANDY ... they feed their eyes and brain with a visual idea and then: POOF!!!!!  They're on to the next.

As a consumer of 'the pretty' this is great!  You get to surf the web and social media feeds of awesome ideas and 'brain hoard' until your hands are numb from holding your phone upright ... you feel like you've just conquered the world and are ready to be motivated to tackle it!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!  As a blog editor or owner of a website (so even all you wedding pros out there!) you feel f*cked.  Where did all that traffic go??  Pinterest used to be a huge source of traffic for you and now it's dwindling.  The 'double click' is now getting less important.

What to do??  I have my secrets ... and this is one time I'm not going to fully share them on The Editor's Touch - because I have bills to pay too!  LOL!!  But there are ways to get around relying on the 'double click' to boost your traffic again.  There are ways to get people from your Instagram account TO YOUR WEBSITE to see more ... I know, I know << not nice of me to 'tease' like that.  But you can always contact me to learn about my secrets ;)

But here is my point:  BE ADAPTIVE!!!!  If you are noticing that your traffic is dipping and your social media following is growing and buzzing - then you need to change things up to where the traffic IS << not where it isn't.  Change with the times!!  Be your own leader.  It's like when my kids get older ... I'm not one of those moms who's sobbing into my coffee on the day my kid has a birthday!  I'm not looking at the past and wishing I could have them be a baby again!  Embrace the NOW!!  Embracing the NOW is the only way you will ever grow and be successful!  It's like with the mobile optimized websites:  people are ON their phones!  So make sure your website is BEAUTIFUL on a phone!

I wrote a blog post about the generation gap that some business owners have and it's an important post to read!  You can't get stuck.  You have to keep moving with the times.  If the 'double click' on Pinterest is over then you have to be smarter than the people browsing on Pinterest!  If people only go to Instagram to get a peek-sy then you have to learn ways to get them off IG and into your website.  These are all the tricks and tips I teach my clients.

XO~ Heather

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