2 Glowing Testimonials and Does Your Website Impress? The Proof is in the Inquiries!

Does Your Company Website Impress?

As of now I have designed and launched 5 wedding pro websites since starting The Editor's Touch in April of 2015 ... I have 5 that I am currently in the middle of designing and I have 18 more wedding pros that have gotten on my calendar to get their websites looking and working AMAZINGLY ... the happiness I feel right now can't be explained ... I have always believed and held onto these words: EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON ... I have also never believed in playing the victim, but controlling your own destiny and making sure to kick ass whenever you can ... I am doing that now and I am loving it.

This week I have received two testimonials from 2 of The Editor's Touch clients and it made me believe even more strongly that a fantastic website that makes your company SHINE is worth it, worth it, WORTH IT!!!  I wanted to share those two testimonials here:

Below is from Michelle Garibay Events:

For busy wedding pros, finding the right website/marketing company to invest hard-earned money can be stressful and tough to know who to go with, but Heather has an experienced eye for what brides are looking for plus the SEO know-how that made my decision to hire her an easy one.  The process was clear, straightforward and no complicated tech-speak.  Heather responds and works quickly and makes sure you are absolutely happy with the end-result.  Since the website went live only two months ago, I’ve seen a huge increase inquiries AND bookings!  My website is a now a direct reflection of my brand and attracts the clients I want to work with!  She is worth every penny and I am so happy to have her on my “team!”  This is a wedding web designer who truly gets it!

Below is from Rebecca at New Creations Wedding Design and Coordination:

Heather was reliable and quick on services.  She was great at conceptualizing the overall look and feel of my project to give it a refresh and updated presence.  I wanted my new site to be mobile friendly, easy to navigate and clean.  She delivered on all of those!  If you're looking for an updated site, Heather would be an excellent choice for you!

Both of these fabulous wedding designers/coordinators hired me to redesign their websites and I had the best time working with them both ... Thank you, ladies, for your kind words!!

Here is something to live by when it comes to knowing whether your website is working for you:  do you receive inquiries??  If you have a ton of traffic and not many inquiries it means something:  that something could be that your online face is not doing what it should be doing:  it's not making you SHINE online ... think of your website as your voice when you can't be there to sell your service or product yourself ... your website is there to represent you!  If it's not doing that it's time for a change.

XO~ Heather

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