Work in Progress | Website Redesign and My Process

The number of wedding professional websites I have personally clicked into the last 8 years is beyond count ... I have probably looked at 10 a day, 7 days a week, for 8 years ... someone do the math??  Let me guess:  it's a sh*t ton ... so let me just say that when it comes to wedding pros and what their websites should be acting and looking like << I consider myself very knowledgable :)

I wanted to share some bits and pieces from a current project on my desk ... Gerilyn Gianna Event and Floral Design hired me to start from scratch and create a website that took elements of their old design and gave it a fresh face.  I thought I would talk a little bit about my process and how I take it from the old to the new ... first, a glance at their current homepage (the top image) and the homepage redesign I am working on (the bottom image) ... and keep in mind, this is still in the design stages ... but you can get an idea :)

When I look at the work and style of Gerilyn Gianna some words come to mind right away:  sleek, swanky, chic, couture ... I wanted to bring that swanky feeling over to a website that didn't make people feel uncomfortable.  I wanted to take the black, but give it a twist so that on the pages where a potential client would be reading, they could do so in a way that didn't hurt their eyes ... as you can see below, I created a white background for any text portions, but kept the black design for the rest.  I also added an overlay to create a mood for the banner images ... I am just so in love with this so far!!  How about you??? :)

You can also see by the screen grabs above that I created an additional sidebar navigation to remind the clients that Gerilyn Gianna offers more than just 1 service ... so if a potential client is getting lost in the draping decor images and needs other services for their event, they will have those friendly reminders to click around and see more.  I am SO excited to launch this one ... I have more work to do, but it's getting there!!

>> My Process <<

I have had a lot of people ask me about my process when it comes to a website redesign ... and I honestly have to say most of it is just my natural way of how I handle life in general ... I am VERY decisive ... if I click into a website I know immediately what is working and what isn't ... I know exactly what I want to delete and what I want to keep ... I know which images are making me want to run screaming and what images are gorgeous and need to be moved to the spotlight ... because I have been doing this for 8 years my gut instinct takes over and I just know.  I know that sounds weird, but it's just how my brain works ... now, that doesn't mean I am in charge ...

>> Final Say is All on YOU <<

I do require from anyone hiring me to redesign their website that I get creative freedom for the first half.  Why??  Because you obviously hired me for a reason ... on some level you must trust that I know my sh*t ... so let me show you my stuff!!  Hand over the reigns and let me get my hands dirty ... because at the end of the day:  you get FINAL SAY ... if I go a direction and then come to you and say: tada!!  here is my concept ... and you are like: Hellz no ... then guess what, we will chat and come up with something you love ... but that has never happened ;)  Not once.  I know what I'm doing ... this is not my first rodeo ;)

>> How Do I Know If My Website Needs a Redesign? <<

Gosh, that's a hard question ... Has it gone over 3 years without being touched?  You probably need a redesign.  Are you getting clicks from your advertising outlets that rarely lead to hires?  You probably need a redesign.  Do you go to your website and immediately wish it looked different? You probably need a redesign.  Are there new companies launching in your area that you fear will start to take business away from you?  You probably need a redesign.  Does your website break or work strangely on mobile devices?  You DEFINITELY need a redesign. Remember that mobile is the future ... and every single one of my redesigns works BEAUTIFULLY on a device ;)  Just sayin' ...

I know I sound harsh, but here's the thing:   your website is YOU online!!!  If your website is turning people off or it's confusing, or your contact us page is wonky, or you have an inconsistent brand message << clients will leave ... they are busy and don't have time to figure out your website or try and search to find your email address or phone number ... these are thing things I bring to the table ... I know exactly how a website should act and what each page needs.  Curious about what I could do for you?  Contact me and we'll chat!

XO~ Heather