Does Your Wedding Company Website Need A Redesign? Here's How You'll Know:

Does Your Website Need a Redesign?  Here's How You'll Know

I have said it before and I'll say it MANY more times again:  Weddings are an emotional event and brides are an emotional creature ... therefore your wedding company website needs to grab them where it matters ... and (ESPECIALLY) if you are after those higher-end clients who want to spend SPEND *SPEND* on their wedding day: you need to make sure your website is appealing to that *type* of client.

If keeping up with the times wasn't important then wedding dress designers wouldn't update their collections every single year (sometimes twice a year!) ... and while we all like to pretend it's all about the dress ... it's not.  If a bride just left Vera Wang with a gazillion dollar dress and had a gazillion dollar experience on their website and in their boutique ... they have set a HIGH bar ... now they are off to make sure the rest of their wedding planning experience is just as awesome ... and if they are searching online and click into YOUR website then you have UNDER 5 SECONDS to catch their attention and keep them around ... that's not a lot of time, folks ;)

Nobody knows more about how high maintenance running a website is than me ... I worked over 50 hours a week to keep my national wedding blog busy and even that wasn't enough!  The last post on the wedding blog I owned was in early April 2015 ... it's been interesting to see what happens when you don't touch a website for MONTHS that was used to having hourly LOVE for 8 years!  Websites and blogs need daily love (for those national blogs and websites) and at least a weekly touch up or post or social media plug (for those local wedding company websites and blogs) ... you can't let a blog or website get stale:  because the market is saturated and you have to stand out!  Otherwise ... that bride or visitor will replace you in the blink of an eye and they'll never come back ... 

So how do you know if you need a website redesign??  Below are a few questions I like to use when working with clients ... they may seem like sarcastic questions, but they are very VERY real and should be taken seriously:

Has your website gone over 3 years without being touched?  You probably need a redesign.  

Are you getting clicks from your advertising outlets that rarely lead to hires?  You probably need a redesign.  

Do you go to your website and immediately wish it looked different? You probably need a redesign.  

Are there new companies launching in your area that you fear will start to take business away from you?  You probably need a redesign.  

Does your website break or work strangely on mobile devices?  You DEFINITELY need a redesign. Remember that mobile is the future ... and every single one of my redesigns works BEAUTIFULLY on a device ;)  Just sayin' ...

If you had a reaction to 1 or more of these questions feel free to contact me to see if I can help :)  I am about to start scheduling for October and when I do start scheduling for October I am increasing my website redesign package price by $500 ... Remember you can take this test to see if your website is optimized for mobile devices ... and if it's not: we definitely need to chat ;)

XO~ Heather

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