You Know You're A Domain Whore When:

Advice For Purchasing The Best Domains for Your Company | The Editor's Touch

Are you a domain whore like me??  If you're still trying to figure out if you can proudly wear that hat just see below:

  1. You own the .com, .info, .biz, .net, etc of your main landing domain:  If you own a killer domain that is the name of your business you should absolutely buy that sh*t out ... the wedding industry is known for 'repeat business names' and the last thing you want is for another company to get some of your Google love ... if you own your business name .com then at least try to buy the .net and a few more if you have the budget for it.
  2. You get super excited when they announce a new 'vanity url' has become available: Do you own your company name domain with a .wedding on the end??  Vanity urls are super fun to have ... and they have so many cool ones these days!  They have .design, .photography, .limo ... the list goes on.  Head over to Go Daddy to see what vanity urls you can still scoop up!
  3. You are coming up with marketing campaigns the first thing you do is check to see if the .com is available:  If you are planning a wedding workshop or a fun campaign for your company it's a fun idea to get the .com domain of the name ... it's great for marketing purposes and you can use it for SEO too ... If it's a workshop you plan to do once a year then you know you'll get use out of the domain and as word spreads of your awesomeness the name of the workshop will be searched and that .com will come to life!
  4. You own the .com of different spelling variations for your company name:  When I was still running Style Unveiled I owned just in case somebody flipped the 'e' and the 'i' when they were spelling it ... I didn't want to miss one ounce of that delicious traffic!!  If you own a company where the spelling could be questionable then buy a few other spelling variations just to be sure you're safe :)  In the long run it's probably a good idea to own those up anyway, even if everyone is a spelling pro that comes to your website.
  5. You own different variations of your company name as a .com:  If your company name is Goat and Chicken Wedding Floral Design and you already own << omg, clearly it's Monday ... you may want to also scoop up the following:,,, << see what I've done there??  What if someone else becomes Goat and Chicken Wedding Design and some of the domains are still available??  While I'm all about being friendly I'm not into 'sharing' where domains are concerned.  
  6. You own the city/area and your expertise bundled up into one hot domain:  Are you an Orange County wedding coordinator?  Do you own << if so, pat yourself on the back.  Are you a wedding stationery designer who owns: << dude, you rock ... playing around with different domains in the variation of what you do combined with the area you serve is WAY AWESOME.  Just do it.

Domains are a big deal ... and the domain you choose can actually be of huge service to you!  So get your bootie over to a domain buying website (I favor Go Daddy) and get to playing around with some ideas!

XO~ Heather