A Website Is Not A Dance Party: Don't Play Music On Your Website!!

A Website Is Not A Dance Party:  Don't Play Music On Your Website!! | The Editor's Touch

OMG music auto playing on websites ... when will people learn NOT to do this??  Same with videos set to auto play right when a visitor 'clicks in' to their site.  Nooooooooo!!!!  Just no.  Don't agree with me??  Here is a list of reasons NOT to do this:

  1. Your potential client is browsing sneakily at work: If the bride after your services is sneaking a peeksy at work and she happens upon your site then your music or video just got her in trouble or at the very least made her 'click out' fast!!  And what does that mean for you??? BINGO: you just lost a client (potentially).
  2. The song you chose to play reminds your potential client of her ex who is a psychopath:  Music is emotional for people ... for better or for worse ... even if you are jamming the latest Maroon 5 goodness from your website that makes most women melt you could be offending someone too!  It's impossible to choose a song that is 10000% safe for all clients.  Even playing a classical stanza by Mozart could send someone into a tiffy.
  3. The client surfing your website is a 30-something year old who is planning a corporate event and has young kids sleeping:  people with young children value their 'alone time' ... take it from someone who knows: when I have the house to myself in the morning before my kids wake up the LAST thing I want to do is pop into a website that is blasting the current hit by Jason Derulo (and I looooooooooove me some Jason D!!!) ... REMEMBER(!!!) not everyone coming to your website is a bride who wants her heart pulled by a musical rhythm ... you most likely offer your services for birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers???  It's impossible to choose a song that will appeal to every client you attract.  So don't pick.  Don't play one.

You never want to deter a client from wanting to see more of what you have to offer ... especially in an industry where the competition is this fierce.  Keep your website clean of sounds or video autoplay ... trust me.

XO~ Heather

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