Seed To Sprout Doula Care Has A New Website!

Seed To Sprout Doula Care Seattle Doulas and Birthing Services
If anyone needs help with their website, either starting from scratch or unhappy with their current, I HIGHLY recommend Heather! It was a pleasure to work with someone who saw what I needed and listened to my jumbled thoughts and turned it into a beautiful work of art. She worked with me and listened to what I liked and didn’t like and came up with my EXACT vision!
— Alexis, Seed To Sprout Doula Care

I have two kids … Grayson, who is 9, and Hadley, who turns 7 this month … when I was pregnant with Grayson I decided that I was going to have his birth at home … and it was going to be natural and drug free and beautiful and peaceful and calm … and then:

I Actually Gave Birth and It Had Its Own Ideas …

My ‘home birth’ for Grayson was nothing like I had expected or planned in my head … my water broke when I was 2 weeks beyond my due date, thanks to my midwife ‘going up there’ and starting the process for me … then when labor STILL wouldn’t start, I had the extreme displeasure of eating eggs mixed with castor oil (which I do NOT recommend) to start contractions … from there it was an 11.5 hour intensive at home labor that ended with the top of Grayson’s head peeking out for a ‘quick hello’ before he got stuck and we took an ambulance to the hospital for an emergency c-section … I basically gave birth to a baby 85% of the way to have him pulled back up inside to be taken out via cesarean section … lol … fun times, no … but made better and livable because I had two doulas with me the ENTIRE TIME that I was tortured by back labor, intense contractions, wanting to give up …


and I couldn't have done it without them … which is why I was so passionate about designing a website for Alexis of Seattle based doula care company Seed To Sprout Doula … I knew how IMPORTANT she was … I knew what a difference having someone like her made for me … and I knew how to sell that online to women who were looking for what Alexis offers.

And so, a website was born:

Seed To Sprout Doula Care Seattle Doulas and Birthing Services

I love how her website flows … I love how the vibe and the colors are calming and powerful all at the same time … it’s how Alexis is. Alexis is a take charge, determined, sweet, calming but sure of herself force of nature that I would WANT in my birthing room. She has the perfect balance of sweet and nurturing but can handle anything when sh*t goes down … she’s someone you want in your corner, that will value what you desire for yourself and your baby, and will have your back the entire time. She’s the perfect personality for a doula and I can’t wait to see her business grow and for women who are planning their family to experience having Alexis by their side during it all.

Seattle Based Doula Services | Seed To Sprout Doula Care

Per usual, I built Alexis’ website for desktop, tablets, and mobile … LOVE her website on a phone:

Seattle and Bellevue Doula Care Services | Seed To Sprout Doula

Looking for a doula or know someone else who is??? Be sure to check out her website below so you can contact Alexis!


XO~ Heather