Website Launch Party for Edge Design + Décor

Edge Design and Decor | Website Designer
I heard about The Editor’s Touch from many TOP wedding and event planners who had worked with Heather for their website design. I love them all. The designs are always clean, the photos well chosen, the writing bright and the navigation easy to use. So when it came time for my new client, Edge Design and Décor to get a new website I was thrilled at the opportunity to work with The Editor’s Touch. I sought out her views on content creation, photo integrity and layout. While I heeded her years of knowledge, she was also very open to listening to what my client wanted. Her interpretations of our ideas were even better than expected. We now have a website of which we are all proud!
— Liese, PR for Edge Design and Décor

When Liese Gardner, powerhouse PR representative, contacted me and told me she was a fan of my website designs I about died ... she wasn't contacting me for herself, but for her client ... to be recognized by someone like Liese and to have her reach out to ME for her own clients was HUGE for me.  Edge Design and Décor needed a website and after speaking with Liese about what I could do for them ... well, the job became mine!

Edge Design and Décor didn't have a space online yet ... so we were starting from scratch ... using the word 'edge' as my primary inspiration and the fact that their events are about as luxe as they come, I got right to work ... I wanted the homepage to pull people in and make the mark known that EDD caters to a LUXURY market ... creates chic events ... and has an edge that puts them over the top in their industry.  I started to sketch out some ideas ... the concept came to me and I designed this as their homepage:

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch

I had so much fun with fonts and text layout for EDD ... it was like a website designer's playground and I loved incorporating all the little 'exclusive' bits that made this website ... here it is on a laptop view:

Edge Design and Decor | Website Designer The Editor's Touch

Working with Liese was dreamlike ... she's fun, easygoing, has amazing ideas to contribute, and was SO ON TOP OF IT not only for me but also for her client ... I loved our collaboration and am so excited that Edge Design + Décor has an online home now!

Here is the live website >>

XO~ Heather