What is An Editorial Coordinator? I Love it When Kim and I Make Sh*t Up!

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In my life I have a Kim ... she is one of my very best friends and we are constantly jamming on business ideas and adventures together ... because she also happens to have just been named the best wedding photographer in Seattle (I live in Seattle) for Alante Photography with her fiancé Loren!  These two have entrusted me with handling the submissions for their company and we were discussing all the different things I do when it comes to submissions ... it needed a name ... hence:

>> Editorial Coordinator was born <<

For those of you who don't know my background, I was the editor and creator of a well known wedding blog called Style Unveiled from 2008 - early 2015 ... during that time I earned a reputation for image selection and extreme pickiness when it came to what I would feature ... I also knew exactly what images would go viral online and for what reasons ... this is valuable stuff!!  So, to answer the question:  

>> What is an Editorial Coordinator and how will I benefit? <<

An editorial coordinator is ME and it is a full submission process that exercises all of my connections and experiences as a wedding blog editor ... because as a wedding blog editor I also was lucky enough to connect with ALL of the amazing wedding blog editors out there (yes, there is more in the world than just SMP) and I know their niche, what they are looking for, and why their blogs ROCK!!  I know what they do on social media and whether or not they promote their features and how many features they share a day ... I know if they die over sparkly wedding details or are more on the DIY side ... what their submission process is like ... and more importantly: they know me and they know I will be the one they deal with ... which is HUGE ;)  No offense to all you non-high-maintenance wedding pros out there ;) lol

Here's an example of what I've done for one of my clients ... in under one week I have secured them a feature on: Every Last Detail, Bridal Musings, Rock 'N' Roll Bride blog, and Glamour and Grace ... how did I do that? 

Editorial Coordinator | Wedding Pros Get Your Work Published

Yes, I guarantee a feature ... how?  I know images and which ones will be picked for a feature!  I know wedding details and which ones blog editors will covet!  I know what will be accepted and what won't ... and so I will only submit work that I am 10000000% sure I can get featured.  This also means I am selective about who I accept as a client ... but if you are accepted as one of my clients, here is what the Editorial Coordination Package includes:

  • 5 submitted weddings or styled shoots to 5 publications
  • I hand select the images, I handle the submission, I email the blog editor on your behalf
  • When it's approved I handle what needs to be sent over
  • When the feature goes live I help promote it and coach you on the best ways to boost your feature across your social media outlets

So, you get way more than just a submitted feature ... you get me at the helm hand feeding you exactly what you need to be doing and then we do it ... coaching and a publication in one!  It's super awesome :)

Here are two of my clients SHINING online ... Alante Photography on Every Last Detail and Blueberry Photography on Bridal Musings ... much more to come for each of these star wedding photographers!

Have a happy 4th of July!!  Contact me if you would like to discuss what I can offer you pertaining to editorial coordination and how to get a former wedding blog editor in your corner!

XO~ Heather