Dear Wedding Photographers: Please Make That Sh*t Known.

When Wedding Photographers Pose Editorial Shoots as What Could Be A Real Wedding | Stop it | The Editor's Touch

I have something to say.  Isn't that sorta my thing??  I come on The Editor's Touch, say something, and people decide to either love me or hate me ... there really is no middle with me.  I am loved or hated and I am good with that.  Today I want to talk about something that has infuriated me for a while:

Wedding Photographers Who Post Editorial As 'Could Be' A Real Wedding

OMG please stop it.  Please make that sh*t known for what it is and in a CLEAR way so that brides are aware.  Why???  Oh, because styled shoots and real weddings are not the same beast.

I get it:  editorial shoots are awesome!!  I believe if you have time you should be creating one every quarter.  Styled shoots give you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles - to do what you would hope brides hire you for and to show off your skill set.  Styled shoots give you 'get me featured' yummies so that you can further your recognition.  Styled shoots also have:

  • models
  • perfect lighting or at least lighting you can control
  • an awesome venue
  • a controlled environment
  • ^^ and that is where I will leave it:  

A Controlled Environment

What makes an amazing wedding photographer is being able to read the moments before they happen.  To know when the 'must click this' happenings are about to occur and being there to capture them on camera.  To take what might not be considered 'perfect bone structure' and make that bride or groom feel amazing in their images.  If you are a killer photographer you know how to move around to get the good light, to avoid ugly or messy 'background sh*t', and you will BE THERE for the moments.  A styled shoot allows you to STOP the action - to say "let's move her over here where the light is better" - to say "can you fluff the dress a bit?" - "pause! can you move your hand up from her ass and try that kiss again please?" << would you ever say this during a wedding?  I f*cking hope not! lol

Heather, are you saying that everyone else but photographers can showcase styled shoots and not piss you off?

Nope!  I am saying EVERYONE should show off their styled shoots - it's your work and you should be proud of it!  BUT MAKE IT KNOWN FOR WHAT IT IS!!!!  Be clear.  Don't throw a model shot in with your real wedding stuff.  Have an 'editorial' page that tells your audience that the photos they are viewing are not from real weddings.  It's only fair.  The other way is just false advertising and really just makes you look like an ass.

Also:  I'd be your own critic.  Hold your real wedding photos and your editorial shots side by side: is there a massive difference?  This will tell you a lot about yourself and what you need to work on.  If you add your editorial shoots to your website in a way that leaves a big fat question mark to your audience as to whether it's a real wedding or not - I'd be asking myself WHY??  Why do I do that?  Am I ashamed of my real wedding photography work and don't want to share it?  This is very telling!  If you need to up the ante and get better then you should sign up for some workshops and practice your craft :)

XO~ Heather