My Fingers are NOT Combs ... Embracing Change Comes with a Learning Curve

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3 days ago I had LONG flowing hair ... hair that I've had for years ... hair that within SECONDS could be wrapped up inside a messy bun or a ponytail ... hair that I could hide and 'pretend' looked amazing in my 5 second topknot.  Now I don't.  I decided to get a haircut on Tuesday ... A haircut that took 7 inches off my long locks and put my hair ABOVE my shoulders.  I sat there watching my hair fall to the floor and was EXCITED about this new change!  I was ready!  I was embracing the new me.  I sat there wide-eyed watching my amazing stylist (who I have been loyal to for years!) chop, chop, chop and with each chop I got more and more nervous-excited!!  Would I love the new look??

When it came time to style my short 'do' I was an eager student ... I listened intently as she told me what to do with each of the 3 products I would be using ... I have NEVER IN MY LIFE used product before ... my hair was a virgin to mousse, pomade, sea salt spray ... only shampoo and water have ever touched my hair on a daily basis.  I nodded with each step and thought to myself 'no problem!' ... I could do this.  I walked out of the salon with a new air of confidence as my hair bounced with delight ... I couldn't wait to try it myself at home!

Forward to this morning:  I have a very good memory ... I remember pretty much everything that someone tells me ... I remember my stylist telling me that "there is no such thing as using too much sea salt spray" ... so I sprayed and sprayed my clean hair when I got out of the shower this morning ... apparently I defined what IS too much sea salt spray for the first time in history ... my hair would not budge ... couldn't get a comb through it if I tried.  Humph, I thought ... ok, no problem!  Next time we will use less ... Next step:  curling my hair ... easy, done this before ... maybe not!  Hard to do when it's super short and clumpy with too much sea salt spray ... ok, noted.  I will know better next time.  The next step I remember clearly because it involved mousse pomade which I have never even heard of!  My stylist told me to use my fingers like combs ... when she did it to me it looked flawless!  Her finger-combs didn't even get stuck once!  I tried it ... no such luck ... my fingers got caught up in the webs of my hair and I ended up with hair sticking straight out of my head.  My hair now looks like a clumpy, sticky football helmet.  I am not a happy girl. 

My point???  Change is hard!  It's not flawless!  There is a learning curve with each new step you apply to you life and to your business ... a lot of people will just give up when this happens ... they will tap out.  Now, in my case I have short hair now.  What are my options?  I could wear a hat every single day until it grows out or I can man up and teach myself how to do it.  I may walk around with sticky football helmet hair for a week, but sooner or later I will get this down and my hair will bounce happily again.

If you are learning something new or trying to incorporate something new into your business model and you are getting frustrated then just keep trying!  If you rarely use social media and you are trying to figure it out: keep trying new ideas and new things!  It will be worth it!

I realize this all may go without saying, but sometimes we need a reminder ... and what better reminder than me walking around with crazy hair and telling my audience all about it ;)

XO~ Heather

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